What products of pop culture prominently feature suburbia?

Join in on the discussion and name some movies, TV shows, albums or bands, or whatever in pop culture embodies or comments on suburbia.

Downton Abbey: People Talk
Authenticating Ourselves to Death
The Kiddy Pool: Only Children Are Lonely and Selfish (Just Like the Rest of Us)
On the Anniversary of His Execution, What Can We Learn From the “First Martyr of Science”
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  • Dave Dunham

    here’s a few I’ve thought of before Bill:

    (1) Over the Hedge
    (2) American Idiot by Green Day
    (3) Suburban Commando
    (4) Desperate Housewives
    (5) Edward Scissorhands

  • http://nowheresville.us The Dane

    Donnie Darko
    Gross Pointe Blank
    The Burbs (of course)
    American Beauty
    Ghost World
    Ordinary People

    Same Difference and Other Stories
    Summer Blonde
    Stray Bullets
    The Walking Man
    The Bunker

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