Second Life Adultery

This is when you know that you need to have your computer taken away. I don’t even have the heart to write about why this is something Christians need to avoid.

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  • Ben Bartlett

    One note I should have added… perhaps this gal’s next husband will be Leeroy Jenkins.

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  • Adam Winters

    I wonder how Dr. Mohler would respond if someone called this into his radio show on Ask Anything Wednesday? Something tells me even St. Paul would be at a loss regarding this situation.

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  • The Dane

    Leroy’s too good for her. Besides, he’s got chicken.

    The Danes last blog post..20081106.ObamaTax

  • Alex Fear

    They had a picture of the couple in another newspaper.. let’s just say their avatars were not a true representation of their real life counterparts. Also it stated Taylor had already found a new partner on WoW.

    Alex Fears last blog post..[Comment Sharing] The Wrath of God

  • Ken Brown

    You think that’s bad, try this one. If only you could improve your avatar’s intelligence as easily as its looks…

    BTW, I wrote a full length article on the social (and moral) impact of Second Life for Salvo Magazine here.

    Ken Browns last blog post..Quote – Science Fiction and Heroism