'New Moon' Rumors Abound!

Rumors are swirling that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke may not be back for the sequel film New Moon.

In my opinion, this is potentially a good thing. The only previous work of Hardwicke’s I’ve seen is The Nativity Story, and, well, that film managed to make the miraculous, world-changing birth of Jesus look boring–so I’m certainly open to a change of directors here.

Who should replace her? Patricia Rozema. Rozema has already proved she has the courage to depart creatively from written source material, and that’s a quality that’s going to be needed for any adaptation of New Moon. So what if the fangirls riot? They’ll thank her later.

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  • Carissa Smith

    P.S. The rumors were confirmed overnight. No more Hardwicke.


  • Mink

    Patricia Rozema – yes!!
    I just watched her Kit Kittredge movie – it was delightful, and astonishingly G-rated, as well as packed with real actors. I think Rozema could turn the Twilight thing into something less…blah.

  • Carissa Smith

    The latest rumor: Golden Compass director Chris Weitz will take over from Hardwicke. Please, make it not be true! Take the director of the first film in a failed franchise and put him in charge of the second movie of a relatively successful franchise (with a rather different nice market)? Not smart. New Moon desperately needs smart talent if it’s going to have any hope of being good.


  • I’d suggest any line of good directors, but I hate to see good directors wasted on adaptations—even adaptations of works I like.

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