Sacred Christmas without Christ

If you’ve listened to our recent podcasts, you know about my frustration with the synthesis of the Christian Christmas and the secular Christmas.  Here’s a good example of a secular writer viewing Christmas as wonderfully sacred, and yet entirely secular.  Hopefully we’ll continue to think, as Christians, about the best way to challenge these views.

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  • I have absolutely no problem with this guy’s view of Christmas. It’s pretty much like my own except for that he values the holiday more than I do.

    The Danes last blog post..20081119.ChurchLies

  • I tend to agree with you (looking at my wording in the post, not sure if I said that right, but I do).

    I think I just want to challenge Christians to realize that trying to celebrate the “sacredness” of Christmas through use of wintery scenes, ribbons, and Christmas trees is not going to have much impact. The Christmas of Christ and the Christmas of presents and nostalgia are two entirely separate things.

    Ben Bartletts last blog post..A Song and a Blessing

  • True. And I would say that neither one is necessarily a bad thing.

    The Danes last blog post..20081119.ChurchLies