Operation Rescue Decries Rick Warren's Role in Obama Inauguration as Unbiblical – Christian Newswire

Is it a sin to publicly pray for the presidency of a person who is pro-choice? Operation Rescue seems to think so:

Instead of lending support to a man who clearly stands in opposition to God’s Law on the critical matter of child-killing, we fervently urge Pastor Warren to instead follow the examples of godly men who, throughout the Scriptures, boldly proclaimed God’s truth and exposed the sin of leaders in order to protect the people from that sin.

Operation Rescue Decries Rick Warren’s Role in Obama Inauguration as Unbiblical – Christian Newswire.

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  • Whether or not you agree with the extent of such a statement, we should be glad there are people who are reminding us about what this presidency stands for — the death of the unborn. Praying for leaders is one thing. But we must be intentional about not endorsing such a presidency with the celebrity nature of evangelicals such as Rick Warren or Donald Miller. Our American governmental context is not as simple as a one-to-one correlation to Roman tyranny. We do have a say, and it matters what we do, in fact, “say”.

    Brother Hanks last blog post..Finding the Way “Home” for Christian Women

  • I kinda curious what this guy would have done with Joseph’s role in Egypt and Daniel’s role in Babylon. Were they in sin? I’m not the biggest fan of Rick Warren personally, but attacking the guy for what he might say is dumb. Let’s just wait and see, and evaluate his words when they are spoken.

    Davids last blog post..Atheism and Morality