The Price of an iPhone Generation

The Price of an iPhone Generation – I think they’re on to something here.

I have an iPhone myself, and I would encourage most people to embrace the technology (in a sense, we don’t have much of a choice), but it’s so important to think deeply and become aware of the dangers not only for the individual using this technology, but also for the culture who will collectively embrace this technology.

There are many cultural pitfalls that secular culture will fall directly into without a second thought. My worry is that the church will be susceptible to the same pitfalls.

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  • Scott McClellan

    Thanks for the link! My fear/concern is that this quote from the article fits the modern Church quite well:

    “It is the nature of adolescents to believe that authentic reality begins with themselves, and that what long preceded them is irrelevant.”

    Substitute “adolescents” with “church leaders desperate to keep up with culture” and you have the mindset with which an increasing number of Christians set out to reach people via “relevant” ministry methods.