A Rebel Yell

Gov. Rick Perry told reporters that Texas might consider seceding from the Union if Washington’s tax and spend policies continue. Such an idea is, quite simply, silly. Further, I would say it is impossible. In the U.S. a state only exists as long as it is part of the Union. There is no such thing as a state leaving the very entity that undergirds its existence (contra the South’s argument in the Civil War). There is no succession; there is only revolution. Conservatives touting “states’ rights” need to check their history. Such a term originally stemmed from a philosophy that sought to fight the tyranny of the Federal government while denying equality to Southern slaves. A revolution, a return to the people as individuals, recognizes equality. Succession replaces the equality of persons with the equality of states, originally so slavery could be maintained. I know conservatives do not mean these ideas; yet they use the same language. Leave aside such talk. There are better terms to fight an increasingly intrusive government.

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  • As a fellow Texan to Gov. Perry (and a fellow Texas A&M alum), all I got to say is…

    “Texas, Our Texas,
    All hail the mighty state.
    Texas, Our Texas,
    So wonderful, so great.
    Boldest and Grandest,
    Withstanding every test,
    O’ empire wide and glorious,
    You stand supremely blessed.
    God Bless you Texas,
    And keep you brave and strong,
    That you may grow in power and worth
    Throughout the ages long!”

    Brother Hanks last blog post..Image Bearers, Not Sovereign Sharers

  • Adam Carrington

    As one who is moving to Texas in a few months, I can say amen to that(just watch the succession talk, Gov. Perry, that’s all I’m really asking).