April Fools!

Yeah, we got nothing in terms of April Fools jokes. Know of any other good april fools jokes being played out today? Post them in the comments!

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  • Kyle Harshbarger

    G-Mail new feature: Auto-Pilot

    Cheap A** Gamer says Sony is raising the price of the PS3

    Konami has set the next Metal Gear game featuring the Colonel

  • David Dunham

    In high school my buddy and I created a fictitious girl whom we would then date every time we didn’t want to be asked out by a particular young girl from church. We developed quite an elaborate back story for her, and even had friends of my older sister impersonate her on the telephone. This transpired for a year until we finally came clean to the astonishment of our other friends. It was the most elaborate prank I have ever pulled, also quite possible the most awful (we convinced one friend that she was really into him and thought he was attractive).