CaPC Halo 3 Night Take 2!

Those of you who have Xbox 360s or know someone who does, comment with your gamertag or your friends and we’ll send you an invite to play TONIGHT at 9:30 pm! That’s only 5 hours from when this blog is being posted! If you’re not there, you’ll miss some super-fun moments, such as the ones that happened last time!

*Lots of people got to kill Alan Noble’s parents.

*Alan Noble’s parents got to kill lots of people.

*Alan Noble’s wife provided some much needed encouragement to the people who kept getting killed.

*Charles Jones provided a helpful commentary on the games in progress.

*Rich ran over Alan, Alan’s Parents, Alan’s wife, Charles, and Gilbert with a ghost. Then he did it 4 more times.

*Gilbert pwned everyone.

If you think you’re no good at Halo, seriously, this is a good chance for you to just have some no-pressure fun. It’s a nice mix of people who aren’t all that good (me) and people who are really good but also really understanding and helpful (everyone else). Be there or be a newb.

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  • Alan Noble

    I should be on tonight, although I’m only going to be able to play a round or two, or three. We might be on closer to 10 though. By the way, in case anyone was wondering, it starts at 9:30 EASTERN time. Just thought I might point that out….

  • Corinne Thomas

    rockd0ve and refact0r will attempt to be there. :)