Yes, even Bible Gateway

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  • The Dane

    Silly redemption language aside (redeem mobile devices from what? and to what?), the author absents two of the best reasons I know for not employing mobile devices during church.

    1) It’s distracting to other congregants to see that someone next to them is jumping around the internet or texting buddies or updating Twitter or what-have-you. Even if you’re not doing these things, but simply reading the Bible along on your iPhone, the formerly mentioned stuff happens enough, that other will mostly just assume that’s what you’re doing.

    2) It’s distracting to the speaker. When someone is talking to you and all they see is you furiously punching keys with your thumbs, they will naturally feel slighted. This one applies to regular life as well. If someone’s typing while I’m talking to them, I can see that their attention is divided enough that it’s clear that I’m not worth their whole attention. This kind of thing is every bit as disheartening to a pastor in the midst of his sermon as seeing someone who is clearly sleeping. And perhaps more so.

    In the end, many users of handheld devices in church are just plain rude and inconsiderate. Not only to themselves, but to those around them. And that kind of bad manners? Well, I guess it’s pretty typical…

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