An Elegant Remembrance

Today, of course, is September 11. The phrase 9/11 has been with us a while now, with its requisite images, emotions, and other memories tatooed on our hearts for the past 8 years. I recall it all too vividly…the carnage on the television mixed with the confusion and fear at home. Immediately, you knew our world had changed. We had been thrust into the 21st century, shaken awake from more than a decade void of such a challenge, such a threat. Through the many debates and accusations that have surrounded discussions of this day, let us take a moment to remember, as Americans and as human beings, when such an act of evil took so many unsuspecting lives. May we pray for our country, our President, and the victims’ families.

Here is an old post, written by Andrew Sullivan. He has since moved far from my own political and theological beliefs. However, the beauty of this post deserves a careful, and emotional, re-reading on this day.

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