There's Bad News and then there's Bad News

This is pretty awful news: Hulu to charge for content.

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  • Michael

    Hulu is overrated. I routinely went there looking for stuff to watch, and I was usually let down by their lack of selection.

  • The Dane

    I used hulu once. It was a long time ago.

  • David Dunham

    This does make me sad, but as I’ve reflected on it I don’t really use it much either.

  • Richard Clark

    We use it constantly, just to have the freedom to be able to watch things like Glee, Community, The Office, etc. whenever we want. They don’t have everything, but they have alot. More importantly, Hulu is setting a precedent for everyone else: “free ad-supported television content on the internet doesn’t work – we tried it.”

  • Ben Bartlett

    I use Hulu all the time, this is a huge deal for me. I don’t actually have any television channels… in fact, I don’t have that digital converter thing we were all supposed to get. How will I keep up with The Office now?

    This stinks.

  • Michael