LOST Marathon

For whatever reason, I’ve never watched LOST. I did watch a half an episode during the first season but never committed to it. But then, yesterday I had an unusually wild idea:

To watch the entire 6 seasons in as few days as possible.

I checked Hulu. To my surprise, every episode was available online. I calculated. 121 episodes at roughly 45 minutes each would take 3.78 days to complete. Factoring in the need for nutrition, naps, and other responsibilities it seemed 7 days was a reasonable goal.

Donna, never having seen it either, agreed that it would be a fun way to spend time together before my departure for San Diego in two weeks.

Two people. One series. Six seasons. Seven days.

This is day one. We are on episode 5. I will be updating via twitter.

P.S. My knowledge of Lost is extremely limited as I have never had reason to read up on it.

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