Unless you live under a sports rock, you’ve heard about the blown call that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game. It would have been only the 21st perfect game in major league history and the first time ever that three perfect games were thrown in one season (two in one year has only happened twice, this year and 1880). Suffice to say, it is highly unlikely Galarraga will ever come close to a perfect game again.

But also of note has been the reaction by Galarraga and the umpire who made the call, Jim Joyce. We often hear stories of athletes acting in ways that are embarrassing to their respective sports. Not so here. He was a model of grace when the call was made as was Joyce when he saw the replay and realized his mistake. Joyce was sincerely apologetic and Galarraga refused to yell, whine, or even mildly argue.  To start the next game, Galarraga brought out the lineup card to give to Joyce. It was a great moment from two classy men.

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  • Joseph

    I agree, Galarraga handled that situation a million times better than I would have. The spirit of grace and good sportsmanship was palpable.

    …Then General Motors tried to cash in on the situation by presenting Galarraga with a free corvette… Spirit of goodwill trumped by shameless advertisement and wasted tax dollars…

  • Ross

    I don’t like sports but I love a good sports story. I hope and pray that someone in Mr. Joyce’s life uses this as an opportunity to proclaim the grace that can only be found in Christ and for Mr. Galarraga that there is a prize that moth cannot eat up or rust destroy.