Currently Watching

What I’ve been watching lately:

1) Arrested Development– I can’t believe I didn’t watch this show when it was originally aired, it is hilarious. But thanks to Netflix I am watching it now. We’ve finished season one and just begun season two and I can’t stop laughing.

2) Futurama– I am a sucker for Matt Groening and this show is quality work. The satire, the wit, and the sheer fun of this animated show make it worth rewatching. Again Netflix has allowed me to rewatch all of the original airings, and Comedy Central is showing new episodes, which are just as much fun.

3) Rugrats– Hey if you’ve got kids you’re going to have to watch kids shows, at least this way I get to watch shows that I thought were funny when I was a kid and not shows that I find obnoxious (i.e. Barney and Dora). God bless Netflix!

4) BBC’s Robin Hood– I love this version of the classic tale. It’s definately worth checking out.

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