Wallis v. Olasky Concluded

As I mentioned the dust-up between Jim Wallis and Marvin Olasky a little bit ago, I thought I’d give this quick update. Wallis has since apologized to Olasky for saying that he lies for a living, saying he should never speak such words about “a brother in Christ.” He also asked for Olasky’s forgiveness. Olasky responded that he was glad to talk to Wallis and happy to see Christians following Matthew 18 in resolving conflict.

After being pretty rough on his first comments, I thought Wallis deserved another post to praise his willingness to admit where he spoke wrongly and viciously. His latter actions are much more in keeping with the kind of discourse that should occur between Christians who share Christ but maybe not every theological/political understanding. I hope many more Christians, left and right, will look to this as a pretty good example of what to do when such differences tempt us to act in ungodly ways.  We may not be able to agree but we can show how to disagree lovingly.

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  • Or at least an example of what to do when your sin is public and you are trying to save face! I don’t mean that as a slam on Wallis–he did the right thing, but I just think that the public nature of this interchange probably forced his hand a little. Nonetheless, I am glad that Wallis apologized–that was certainly the right thing to do–assuming that he apologized to Olasky himself and not just a reporter.

    Here’s to hoping that Ergun Caner will give a public apology.

  • I should have read the article you linked ;) Apparently Wallis sent a private email and intends to talk to Olasky by phone–so there you go.