Citizenship Confusion: How should we react?

As Christians, what are we to do with this?

via YouTube – pig race mosque pt 2.

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  • 1. The Muslim group is mistaken in thinking they can tell someone to get rid of their pigs.

    2. This Islamic association has the right to build a Mosque on their land.

    3. This Texan guy has the right to hold Pig races there.

    4. He is also an immature jerk for doing so. My free speech gives me the right to say that.

    5. I don’t watch Fox News and so I don’t normally join in on the slamming Fox News parties that so many often have on the interwebs (simply cause I don’t watch) but this makes me want to join those parties because the most offensive part of this video is all the laughing that is going on in the background while the anchor is announcing the story.

  • Way to tempt neighbours to wrath, Pigman.

    Also RE Drew’s 1): we don’t have anything other than this guy’s word that the Muslim landowner told him to get rid of his pigs—and while simply being a jerk doesn’t also make him a liar, it certainly doesn’t do much to recommend his side of things.

  • Good point Seth.

  • Robert Hamilton

    My favorite bit is when the FOX commentator says something like “Even though Houston already has more than sixty mosques, that is *not enough* for this group!” The bias is virtually dripping out of this report; can we imagine someone on FOX news saying the same thing about a new Christian church? You know, why don’t they just go to one of the other churches? It treats Islam as a monolith and Muslims as though their places of worship are entirely interchangeable. Thus, the metaphors of caliphate/expansionism are there for the taking.