Elsewhere: Tron, 9/11, Graffiti, Irene, etc.

Chase Livingston wrote what he learned from unpacking a pack-rat’s nest. Honest, touching. Read it.

This was pretty funny to see at Kill Screen: A church goes Tron.

Think Christian has a pretty great series going on the anniversary of 9/11. Check out the latest installment, then check out the other two.

Hey look! Women fighters in reasonable armor!

I found this article by G. Christopher Williams helpful, “Why Games Might Not Be Art”

Lisa Miller encourages people not to be afraid of evangelicals.

Christ, the Church, and Christian Marriage – also an interesting look at how people talk about religion today.

Stephen Hale on “The Good in Graffiti”

Things I learned from Irene

American Theocracy Revisited by Ross Douthat: advice for journalists on covering religions they disagree with.

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