Love Letter 34

I love you so much it makes me giddy. Here I am sitting in the office late at night; just finished the first letter and a woman from one of the other offices here comes in because its late and she wanted to do some work but was scared because this place is lonely this [Read More…]

Love Letter 33

It’s funny how it works when I’m out late working. You would not believe how my heart just bursts into smiles first, then song – no joke, really, song – Here I give . . . for the last 10 minutes or so, as the day and the night wear down. It’s you that I [Read More…]

A Response to Mark Labberton’s “Called, The Crisis and Promise of Following Jesus Today.”

Full disclosure: I know Mark Labberton; I know him well enough to hold him in high esteem, well enough to be certain that he wants the church to thrive in the 21st Century for all the right reasons. He wants shalom to reign on the earth . . . me too. It can also be [Read More…]

Love Letter 32

Dear Barbara, It’s your turn again; in fact it’s going to be your turn for a while. God I love you. I love the way you feel when I wrap my arms around you. I love the touch of your kiss and the deep breath that lets our embrace close in, tighter, comfortable, intimate, enduring. [Read More…]

Love Letter 31

Oh my God,  if you could see yourself the way that I do, then you would know how valuable you are. Rare is the courage, rare the open life, rare spirit that keeps probing until even just a little light will peep through. You are absolutely gorgeous and I love you. Sam [Read more…]

Love Letter 30

Dear Tom, You’ve been gone a long time now it seems, and yet the tears still hover right near the surface ready to well up when I’m reminded of how wonderful you were – how much your life gave to everyone in it. All it took was your sister’s blog post tonight, all it took [Read More…]

Love Letter 29

I absolutely adore you – really it’s true. From the shape of your body, (I promise there was not one iota of creepy energy when I wrote that :-)) to the eager curiosity and care of your heart, to the kindness and loyalty you offer your friends (including me), to the sacrifices you make when [Read More…]

Love Letter 28

Dear Grammy, I’m writing this to you as part of a shared spiritual exercise with a blogger on the Pagan portal. I’m certain you, if you were today as you were in 1972, would not approve. But somehow I can’t help but think that if you were today as you most certainly would have become, [Read More…]

Love Letter 27

What a delight and a surprise to be writing this letter after all these years. It’s been hard to be so separated and to avoid the resentment that builds from misunderstanding but I had managed to do just that – assuming that what kept us apart was likely more my responsibility that anything else. And [Read More…]

Love Letter 26

It is perhaps true that I never loved you “like that,” whatever “that” means, but you should never take that to mean I did not or that I do not, love you. You and I crossed lives during times spent, in a cultural that drove a stake so deep in my heart I thought I’d [Read More…]