Please, let’s not confuse forgiveness and reconciliation

I’ve mentioned the Pastor’s occupational hazard – more often than not, when I mention my vocation, people either get uncomfortable and change the subject, or launch into a diatribe about the ways in which Christianity is all wet. (I usually end up agreeing with them because I think the common public conception of Christianity is [Read More...]

Loss of Meaning

The tragedies in Marin have been piling up these last few weeks. Two teenagers committed suicide, there was a horrifying drunk driving accident, a stabbing, and that’s just the stuff I know about. I’ve been impressed with the impromptu responses all over the county, but they have left a question in my mind. The initial [Read More...]

We Really Ought to Name Something “Bob”

Several years ago when Canada was considering splitting up their Northwest Territories into two Provinces, they held a contest to see what the Provinces might be named. One of the finalist names was, Bob. Consider the conversations. “Where do you live?” “I live in Umingmaktok; it’s in the Northeast corner of Bob.” You gotta love [Read More...]

We’ve Seen a Great Light

We’ve Seen a Great Light (Audio approximately 10 MB, right-click to download.) The sermon, the first in a long series on Matthew’s gospel, talks about one of the 8 "prophesy fulfillment" passages in Matthew. They are not there to prove that Jesus is the Messiah. The readers are already convinced of that. They are there [Read More...]

Magic Blood

My mother had rocks in her head. She said so herself. She was referring to certain faith puzzles she couldn’t seem to penetrate. Like a rock on a shelf she would occasionally take one down, look at it, then put it back. Turns out I have a couple of rocks in my head too. Take [Read More...]

A Still More Glorious Dawn

A Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits1 As Luke’s gospel tells the story, the religious leaders, soldiers and a criminal mocked Jesus on the cross. “You saved others, now save yourself,” they said. But he did not. For Jesus thought it unfaithful to hang onto life when to relinquish it meant that a still more glorious [Read More...]