Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Eight

Hard to top the Easter Edition, but here’s another batch to keep you smiling on Tax Day.

I think this was trying to be profound, but it lost me along the way.
It's funny because it's true in so many churches.
Wait, let me try explaining that again...
I had to read this one out loud to get it.
No self esteem issues here.
Yaknow, because God said thou who dost skippeth services on Christmas dost get thy holy shaft.
I guess the living hope they offer is hope that you won't burn for eternity.
A classic.
Proof positive that taking scripture out of context can have an effect other than what you had in mind.

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  • I still don’t get the Our Lady of Martyrs one.
    And I don’t think any of those tops Lucifers testicles. . . and how does that relate to your chapter on Vasectomy?

  • Mark Rosen

    Hey guys,
    Check out this new passover video on youtube.
    Its filmed in Israel and very inspirational music!