A Walk Through the Redwoods

One of the holiest moments on our weeks-long journey from Colorado to Portland was when we stopped off in the Redwood National Forest. It’s really hard to explain what is so sacred about that space if you haven’t been there; I can only hope that the photos communicate at least a little bit of the moment.

This lends a little perspective on the size of these trees.

My wife, the tree hugger.

From the base of one tree.

Don't miss the little things.

I'm sure there's some logic to how this grew; it's just beyond me.

God Moment, Part 1

God Moment, Part 2

God Moment, Part 3

God Moment, Part 4

Humanity leaving its mark.

Say hello to my little friend.

Shafts of Light

This one must be a boy tree.

This tree grew over the top of its fallen friend.

Looking up from inside the Fallen One.

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  • Susan

    It is a dream of mine to visit!  Amazing pics on an amazing adventure!  I absolutely love God Moment Part 4. 

  • http://www.LifeAfterCaregiving.WordPress.com/ Linda Brendle

    Simply beautiful!