Church Sign Epic Fails, “He Touched Me” Edition

We’ve all said those things that we wish we could take back right after we said them. Now, imagine that thing being posted on a church sign, photographed and shared on the internet…yeah.

Never, EVER diddle the church sign guy. This is what you get.

Yaknow, the old excuse of just hanging out with a bad crowd never worked for me in high school. Had I only known Jesus used it too…

I simply can’t bring myself to write any of the myriad jokes I cam up for on this one.

I thought it was “rhubarb?”

And there can’t nobody gonna diagram that sentence, no how.

HEY! That Jordan river water is super cold. Gimme a break!

Now that’s a new approach.

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  • David_Evans

    “And there can’t nobody gonna diagram that sentence, no how.”

    Perfect. I just laughed uncontrollably.