Church Sign Epic Fails, “Guns Welcome” Edition


This one goes out to George Zimmerman and all who felt justice was served in court yesterday.

Please turn in your pew Bibles to the Gospel according to Ruger…
Nothing says “turn the other cheek” like an Open Carry church celebration.
Somewhere a minion is rolling over in his grave…
So instead of a wall between us and Mexico, now we’re building an 8,000 mile interstate to the Middle East?
That’s the last time I let the minions put up the church sign without me (sigh).
Interesting formula – the suffering works on a percentage basis against evil, directly correlated to how loud he said “ow!”
Those flutists are always trying to pull a fast one.
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  • Evelyn

    I’m probably stoopid, but I don’t get what they were trying to say in the last one (I assume they meant flautist?). Help me out? Anyone?

  • Manda Adams

    At least they give directions to the (not-so-nearest) mosque? I imagine they’d be surprised at how much closer the nearest masjid is…

    • Ross Thompson

      Google tells me that Bethany Church (pastor Terry Trainor) is in Erin, Tennessee. The nearest mosque I can find is in Nashville, 80 miles away.

  • Guest

    After the death of Hannah Grace Kelley at Grace Connection Church in St. Petersburg, Florida last year, the first two signs are just evil, evil, evil. These two congregations should be loudly called out as the shameful, evil, disgusting, and dangerous people they are.