25 Albums Every Christian Should Hear (New Survey)

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  • Sam

    Nick Cave, Lyre of Orpheus – Abattoir Blues, he has an amazing lecture on his love songs that is also an album, should be required listening for every musician and music minister, if they did I wouldn’t want to vomit in church as often. The text is here: http://everything2.com/title/Nick+Cave%2527s+Love+Song+Lecture

    • Russ

      Or The Boatman’s Call. That one moves me every time.

  • tanyam

    I’ll let others name specific albums, but surely Sufjan Stevens belongs on this list.

    • btgoss

      I agree with you, but he is actually a tough call, much like Jars of Clay. Both are really bands that are heavily influenced by the artists belief in Christ. So are they technically “Christian Albums?” IDK.
      But for me, Illinoise is one of Sufjan’s most profound albums. Casimir Pulaski especially brings an interesting take on faith and the questioning of that faith after a tragic event.

  • Lilly H

    What??? No Beatles? Tisk Tisk.

    • Christian Piatt

      well…add it!!! :-)

  • btgoss

    I have always felt that P.M. Dawn’s “Jesus Wept” was a great album with strong Christian themes. But I really love most of this list. Good work.

  • Julia Tindall Bloom

    Love rule #3!

  • Louie Van Deven

    As Daylight Dies by Killswitch Engage
    One of the few metal bands that has positive lyrics.

  • Bill Wright

    Ummm…Like rock much? C&W? PFUI…Nope, nothing on this list for me, save the Charlie Parker disk. Where was Brubeck’s LIGHT IN THE WILDERNESS? Mann’s CONCERTO GROSSO IN D BLUES? Rerun with a down beat and I WILL be there…this list is enough to maybe drive me to a Jeffersonian agnosticism or a Franklinian deism..

  • Rod Morgan

    From 1963, “A New Perspective” by the late Donald Byrd. Jazz Gospel Vocalese with arrangements by composer Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson. “Christo Redentor” was an RnB radio staple into the ’70s and more recently has been widely sampled.

  • Pablo Assab

    Huh? No Soul (Staple Singers), Blues (Blind Boys Alabama) and no Gospel (African Americans singing slave songs for freedom) on this not top 25??
    You must be joking. And why is U2 getting 3 hits in the top 25 before Bruce (I’m blown like smoke and blind as wind, except for when YOUR love breaks in) Cockburn and Mark Heard bringing up the rear?
    Be careful that you hate Christian music so much that you miss some really great stuff.

  • Pete

    I’d add Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled debut. Furious anger on behalf of the oppressed, a call to action… some Christian themes from some guys who don’t like Christians much.

  • dapowellii

    Lot of very old and very good music on here…why does modern Christian music suck so bad??

  • http://www.arrowsmithstar.ca/ LadyIslay

    Not exactly a comprehensive list, is it? Perhaps you should clarify with something like “25 pop/rock albums every Christian should hear” because really, the one album (or live performance) that every Christian should absolutely hear is the entire two-and-a-half hours of music that is Handel’s Messiah (I suggest the Christopher Hogwood/Academy of Ancient Music version).

  • Joseph Powell

    No The Call?