Church Sign Epic Fails, Jesus vs Religion (Pt 2 of 2)

It was sooo cool. Jesus got all up in religion’s grill and was, like, “You…me…octagon.” And he did it in this “Rocky vs. Ivan Drago” kinda voice. Awesome!!!

Come on inside our religious institution so we can tell you about how the person we model our religion after hates religion so much. Wait, that came out weird…

Little Christian, little Christian, let me in…or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and and bloooow your faith down.

Oh, and PS: We’re totally not a cult…totally not. Definitely not a cult.

OK that’s just funny. And really un-Christ-like. And funny.

All this time I thought it was folate. D’oh!

So, let me make sure I get this right…is Jesus the hostage taker here or the church? I’m gonna go with church…

I have told Jesus to rake the yard, like, a MILLION times. So frustrating.

Yet another cultural relevance FAIL. Wah, waaaahhhh,

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