Church Sign Epic Fails, “Take That, Westboro” Edition

For those who have asked me what my brand of “third way” nonviolent engagement for justice looks like…this one’s for you.

This would explain why I have yet, in my 41 years, to successfully keep a piece of corn in those damn produce bags at the store. Thanks a lot, God.
And, if you get to close to another person with corduroy on, it’s a fire hazard.
I’ll leave it to you to decide which one you’d rather go bowling with.
The good news is that those people lacking humility are totally cool walking around with nothing on. Yaknow, on account of already being awesome.
Everything about this makes me want to go inside this church.
Ahh, the good old fashioned worship, where we pick all the good bible verse and leave all that stuff about universal love and grace out…lest you get confused.


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  • Sven2547

    I know denominations often favor certain translations over others, but “corrupt Bible versions” is quite an accusation.

    • Jamoche

      Darn, and here I was hoping for a church that used some of these Bibles.

    • David S.

      I read a book on why KJV is the one true Bible at one point. Did you know that other translations are more verbose then the KJV at points? And did you know that other translations are more terse then the KJV at points? Obvious signs of their perfidy.

  • gurglingbird

    That corduroy comment was cute.

    But that bit about God hating bags is blasphemy!