Church Sign Epic Fails, “Sleep With Your Mother” Edition

Know what’s awesome? Not sleeping with your mom, that’s what.

Part of knowing your community is preaching on the texts relevant to their reality. I’m going to go take a shower now…
It’s kinda like “Be still and know I am God,” just with some more meanness sprinkled on top.
This is one of my all time favorites. You, sir, WIN.
So we have something to point at and make fun of in the zoo. Duh! Thanks for that one God.
Yeah, I’ve kinda been getting into this guy named Jesus. You’ve probably never heard of him…
See Protestants? This isn’t just a Catholic problem.
Or just come to one of our services. Just make sure and bring an extra pair of underwear for after.
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  • Wes Shank

    So my big question is, what is God’s official position on Facebook? He has got to be super busy tied up with all those reposts of angels and favors that He has to do based on those reposts. Does He also get a cut from the ads on those pages? I’m thinking He would get a more lucrative deal from Google/YouTube. Couple of videos of turning water into Chocolate Rain or something and BAM, we’ll get a new crystal cathedral.