Snake Handlers, NPR Geek-Outs and White Power

john burnettWe’re honored and more than a little geeked out of our skin this week on the Homebrewed Christianity CultureCast to have John Burnett, Religion Correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR in the biz, yo) as our guest. John was in Portland doing a story on our Beer and Hymns and about singer/songwriter Josh Garrels, so I roped him into sitting down with me for a chat.

John talks about his wild year thus far as NPR’s religion reporter, including his encounters with a hallucinogenic tea ceremony (yes please), a snake handling worship service (no thanks) and a worship band made up of twenty trombonists. Check out one of his stories from the “Ecstatic Voices” series about a Muslim Hollywood star who also does calls to prayer in his mosque.

And no, in case you’re thinking it, I didn’t make any “boning for Jesus” jokes during the interview. Not even once. Aren’t you proud of me?

We took a dive in the echo chamber into white colonialism and privilege in its many stripes around the U.S. Amy also promptly alienates all the magicians, Illinois residents and mullet-sporting listeners out there, and Jess the Intern and Jordan make a little competition out of who can get the most facebook followers this week. They’re linked up, baby. You decide!

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