Tony Kriz: Christian Iconoclast

Tony Kriz is, in many ways, the definitive postmodern Christian. He’s a Christian writer, teacher, and he even lives in intentional community with fellow Christ-seekers. He comes from an evangelical background, and, though he claims portions of the theology of his youth, he also continues to reinvent himself as he forges the path of Christ in his cultural context.

Known first in the public eye as “Tony the Beat Poet” from Donald Miller’s bestselling book, Blue Like Jazz, he is a voice and a presence unto himself. He’s more inclined to meet friends over a beer than he is to join a particular congregation in worship every Sunday. He is both deeply embedded in the Christian conversation and cultural identity and, at the same time, a stark contrast to what tradition dictates a “good Christian” should look and act like.

I shot a handful of questions his way after a recent book discussion we conducted at First Christian Church in Portland. Here’s what he had to say…

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  • I grew up with some real learning challenges. I am pretty sure that I couldn’t read at grade level until I was in college. Books were always a major obstacle for me. All that to say, no one is more surprised than I am that I now make my living as a writer.

    I like that. I think school does as much bad as good sometimes for boys who should really be out running around in the woods until their minds can start thinking symbolically as they get older.

  • Tim

    I just finished reading Neighbors and Wise-Men, and I can really relate to his story. I think Tony is a good model of a “new” kind of Christian that can actually be Christlike in our postmodern environment.