Being Children of the Darkness …

As children, from wherever the reasons stem, we worry about monsters under our bed or the boogieman in our closet.  We are taught to hate – or at least fear – the darkness.  After all, God calls us to the light.   We are people of the light.

In Barbara Brown Taylor’s new book, Learning to Walk in the Dark, she shares her experience and insights after intentionally spending time in the dark.  For four years Taylor establishes some spiritual practices like takes midnight walks, plants a night garden and even has the discipline to unplug all power items after sunset.  Taylor recognizes that even when we are in the relative darkness, it’s hardly ever dark.

She draws from her experience and encourages that we should enter the darkness head-on.  To fear it gives it power.  Further, there are many wonderful things that feed on the darkness until they are ready to emerge.

I explore this idea in more detail in a recent Sojourners Post. When have you experienced the darkness?  What lessons and insights did you learn?


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