Bully Karma and Church as Sanctuary

MetcalfWe had our friend, Rev. Aaron Metcalf, on the CultureCast this week to share his amazing story about his childhood. He went from being a relative pariah and the subject of relentless bullying to being the one who shoved others outside the circle. But it turns out that, at least in this case, karma is real, and it’s a mofo.

He also challenges our stereotypes about the Church of Christ, of which he’s a part, which is always a good thing. Right, Martha Stewart?

In the rest of the show, we hit on the systemic racism emerging in the political discourse, along with the various ways Hillary Clinton seems designed to shoot herself in the foot, despite an apparent golden road, headed straight to Pennsylvania Avenue.

And if that ain’t enough to tickle your nerd fancy, listen to why cohost Slim Moon thinks all alcohol should be outlawed. Prohibition, anyone?

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