From Source, to Soul, to Ego and Back – Essay Two

Sunbeams are emanations from the sun, yet they appear to be distinct from each other and from the sun. That’s what souls are – emanations from God. Read more

Harassment and the Two Types of Sex

There are two fundamental forces at work in how we relate to each other: love of life versus fascination and preoccupation with death. Read more

From Source, to Soul, to Ego and Back – Essay One

What are sacraments? Sacraments are the sacred understandings and celebrations of the milestones and the way stations on the road to spiritual evolution. Read more

What Is Jesus Asking of Us?

What if I had known the charismatic god/man Jesus? What if I had listened to his words of a new way of life? What if I had witnessed his miracles? Read more

Have You Time for A Think?

Isn’t it strange that, even as we live longer and longer, we seem to have less and less time? We rush about complaining. So, what’s the real scoop on time? Read more

Mending the Web

Our world is a beautiful web of life, a responsive web of interconnectedness. We are born into it, and like insects, we each have our own unique vibration. Read more

When Intention Becomes Prayer

Like never before, there is a need to get behind the rope of hope, of love and of unity consciousness, before our Earth is pulled over the cliff into chaos. Read more

Schrödinger’s Restaurant

There’s this question of creating reality. The problem is that all of us are creating our own reality. What happens when those creations differ? Read more

The De-Mythologized Life Is Not Worth Living

Stories are the archived wisdom of any culture, and pithy proverbs its distillation – the “cheat sheet” to be accessed when time is of the essence. Read more


What is the purpose of asceticism? Human nature seems able to turn almost anything into an extreme sport. Is there a “middle path” for ascetic practice? Read more

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