I just finished reading the book you wrote, you know the one called, “The Bible”. It’s a great book, lots of miracles an’ stuff, but kinda scary at the same time. Is it OK, Yahweh, if I ask you a few questions? Read more

The layperson’s conception of enlightenment is similar to the lay conception of a heavenly kingdom: one passes through The Gate and then dwells there forever after. But, what if the incredible gift of earthly life is not merely an annoyance or a test that we must put up with before being granted all of the goodies? Read more

What if the cosmos is able to spin off as many parallel universes as are necessary in order to afford each soul the opportunity to ‘fill the spacesuit’ of any historical or current character? If so, there is a universe in which Jesus of Nazareth is also playing you. Wouldn’t you love to know just how he is playing you? Read more

Is “the lost sheep” a sinner or a seeker – one who clings to orthodoxy or one who expands beyond it? Is it a question of fear v. freedom? What precisely is God’s role in this expanding drama of incarnation? Read more

Life is Improv – there is no script and no plot, just players parachuted into a pre-existing world and tasked with moving it towards Christ Consciousness. You are not the role you are playing; and the drama itself is not ultimate reality. So, who/what are you? Read more

When we wade into the water, we can measure out our courage, and as long as our toes can touch the bottom, we have no need of faith. What happens when our toes no longer touch. Will we drown? Read more

All Kosmic Laws interact; they provide the ground rules of the Kosmic game; the laws of Lila. And, even more importantly, they apply whether or not we are conscious of them. Read more

We all “parachute” into incarnation. The rules of engagement in this “kosmic game” may take many lifetimes to infer. Gratefully, human evolution can benefit from trial and error, from science, from philosophy, from religion, but, particularly, from spirituality in getting the game right. Read more

Laughter is the difference between fanaticism and commitment. Any God at whom or with whom I cannot laugh is far too small a God for me. Read more

Was the fact that Jesus could heal the paralytic really enough to convince the Scribes and the people gathered of Jesus’ power to forgive sin, just because He said so? Read more

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