The Bible is a work of love and dedication that spanned many generations of priests, prophets and scribes. Each redaction was an attempt to make sense of their relationship with their God and express it in a way that the people of each era could comprehend. Read more

Are religions any closer to telling us the truth about existence? Faith is the reason we are asked to believe in religion, yet how accurate are the stories we have been told? Read more

Competition has played a critical role in birthing the world we know today — taking life from a few chains of nucleic acids to an entity capable of photographing its home planet from the edge of the solar system. Yet at this stage in the evolution of culture, is this still the best way to organize a society? Read more

Science has become the new religion; its discoveries the most trusted form of revelation.The scientific method itself, though it does, indeed, deliver significant practical benefits, is based to a small extent on probabilities. Often, “probable” is conflated with “proven.” Science is another kind of storytelling. Read more

When Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray, what were they really asking Him for? In response, Jesus gave them in simple language what they needed most – all they would ever really need. . . Read more

If you set out on a hike without a map, you may get lost; if you take an inaccurate map, you’ll probably get lost; but if you take an intentionally-drawn wrong map, you will certainly get lost. Read more

At times each of us can become uncomfortable with total responsibility for our lives. But, is turning one’s “life and will” over to another the solution? Read more

              It happened during recess, on the playground of Rathpeacon National School sometime in 1953.  I was a first grader in a tiny rural academy with a total student population of about 80 boys and girls, among whom was my younger brother, Séamus.  He had managed to incur my wrath and I had spoken some not very brotherly words, when all of a sudden, a low, threatening growl began to emanate from the heavens.  I looked up, alarmed, in… Read more

“The question is not why God made a universe that includes suffering, but why does God endure all the suffering of the universe?” Read more

The sacraments of evolution continue even after physical death. The sense of separate self, that center of gravity of the identity, must continue to evolve. Read more

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