Turning Toward the World, Part 2: What Was and What Is

“The most we can hope for is that the best elements of the past can be reclaimed—perhaps even improved upon—in the new situation as it unfolds.” [Read more…]

The Problem of Evil – A New Look

Evil is an emergent phenomenon, an energy that comes into being, and like all energies, it is contagious. But, not for the reasons you might think. [Read more…]

Water Nature, Human Nature

About 70% of the human body is comprised of water. What does this passive, yielding, uncertain, adaptable, changeable cosmic element called water, reveal about the nature of human experience? [Read more…]


When Jesus said, “Unless you are prepared to carry your cross, you cannot be my disciple,” what do you think he had in mind? [Read more…]

Prometheus in the Garden of Gethsemane

The destiny of the spiritual seeker is to ultimately find his/her way to Gethsemane. Believing it won’t really “change” everything – is madness. [Read more…]

Justice and Forgiveness – Strange Bedfellows #4

Is there a faster way to learn forgiveness? How do we do that? [Read more…]

Justice and Forgiveness – Strange Bedfellows #3

The terms “law enforcement officer” and “peace officer” are radically different concepts, What’s our hope for embodying justice and how do we get there? [Read more…]

Justice and Forgiveness – Strange Bedfellows #2

What is the source of true justice? Is it superhuman, human, or both? [Read more…]

Justice and Forgiveness – Strange Bedfellows #1

I see the notion of guilt evolving in seven great stages of responsibility. The first stage is what I call, “passing the apple.” [Read more…]

Do You Still Remember “The Good Ole Days”?

What happens when we can no longer call upon our gender, socio-economic status, color, religious affiliation or national identity to make us feel special? [Read more…]