What is Alive?

A Socratic voice asked, “What is alive?” I found this to be a strange question, so I asked one of my own, “What do you mean, ‘what is alive?’?” Read more

Losing (and Finding) God in the Details

To say we live lives overburdened by details is a ridiculous understatement. Did humankind ever have a better handle on this? Where is God in all this rush? Read more

Shiva Is at It Again – Thank God!

Brahma is creator, Shiva is re-creator – the genius who disassembles old configurations and recombines the constituent elements into new manifestations. Read more

How Liberals and Conservatives Miscommunicate

On both sides of the aisle, people are variously puzzled, outraged, and mystified by those with differing values and viewpoints. An unbridgeable divide? Read more

Turning Toward the World, Part 6: Metanoia and Renewal

“Isn’t this what we were invited to do all along: to renew ourselves? and in so doing, to renew the world?” Read more

How Long Before Heaven Gets Boring?

What is heaven really about? The idea, I mean, not the state or place. Read more

Turning Toward the World, Part 5: From Blaming to Building

“Only the bad guys of fiction sense that they’re evil; most of the evil in the real world is committed by people who think they’re engaged in good.” Read more

When We Love to Hate

What is your greatest strength, or your ultimate defense mechanism? This an even more important question when asked by communities or by nations. Read more

Cosmic Architecture: Dark Matter, Negative Space, and Love

All reality is a combination of both seen and unseen elements. What happens, if we base our understanding of what is true on only what we can see? Read more

Turning Toward the World, Part 4: Knowing the Other

“Messages matter. Perceptions have real-world consequences. Everyone has a responsibility to resist the dangerous temptation to reduce “the other” of “the other side” to her or his most dislikable qualities.” Read more