The De-Mythologized Life Is Not Worth Living

Stories are the archived wisdom of any culture, and pithy proverbs its distillation – the “cheat sheet” to be accessed when time is of the essence. Read more


What is the purpose of asceticism? Human nature seems able to turn almost anything into an extreme sport. Is there a “middle path” for ascetic practice? Read more

The Religious Dilemma: Fundamentalism or Mysticism (the Road Less Traveled)?

Religion should be the training wheels for spirituality – to be discarded once the practitioner has developed the skill to go it alone. Read more

In Whose Computer Game Are We Living?

Whatever can be sensed, remembered, dreamed, imagined, felt, thought up or thought about exists in some dimension — and is, therefore, real. Read more

In Defense of Eve – Re-Visiting the Garden of Eden

In the conventional interpretation of the story of The Fall, Eve bears the brunt of the responsibility for this “sin.” But, when is a “sin,” not a sin? Read more

What Is Intelligent?

Just because mountains don’t win Nobel Prizes or write poetry in a way comprehensible to humans, does this mean they are simply part of “dumb nature”? Read more

The Myth of the Given

Jesus said, “In my father’s house, there are many mansions.” Could this quote refer perhaps to different abilities in exploring the levels of reality? Read more

God of the Intellect, God of the Heart

Growing up my religious education was limited to an hour a week in Sunday school. It bothered me that I did not feel that I loved God as I was supposed to. Read more

What is Alive?

A Socratic voice asked, “What is alive?” I found this to be a strange question, so I asked one of my own, “What do you mean, ‘what is alive?’?” Read more

Losing (and Finding) God in the Details

To say we live lives overburdened by details is a ridiculous understatement. Did humankind ever have a better handle on this? Where is God in all this rush? Read more

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