All Kosmic Laws interact; they provide the ground rules of the Kosmic game; the laws of Lila. And, even more importantly, they apply whether or not we are conscious of them. Read more

We all “parachute” into incarnation. The rules of engagement in this “kosmic game” may take many lifetimes to infer. Gratefully, human evolution can benefit from trial and error, from science, from philosophy, from religion, but, particularly, from spirituality in getting the game right. Read more

Laughter is the difference between fanaticism and commitment. Any God at whom or with whom I cannot laugh is far too small a God for me. Read more

Was the fact that Jesus could heal the paralytic really enough to convince the Scribes and the people gathered of Jesus’ power to forgive sin, just because He said so? Read more

The Christian equivalent of the Hindu notion of “self-realization” is “salvation.” But salvation is grossly misunderstood by church teachers who see it as an action of redemption (literally “buying back”) from the grip of Satan, occasioned by the mythical story of Adam and Eve disobeying Yahweh in the Garden of Eden. Read more

Over the past two years, we as a nation have been beset with one crisis after another. One might legitimately wonder, if there is not a deliberate effort to keep public attention reactive and on red alert. Focus on these crises risks creating tulpas – new demons that must be other-ed, feared, hated, and resisted. Read more

History is the beach pockmarked with the day’s foot traffic, now being washed clean by the gentle waves of the infinitely patient ocean. Evolution beckons us to become storytellers tasked with the privilege of creating tomorrow’s fables. Read more

“The most important measure of religion is whether it challenges us always to move from selfishness to selflessness.” Read more

One of the key lessons of karma is that there are no accidents, no chance meetings. Some people may come into our lives for a moment, others for a lifetime. We are all inexorably drawn to certain people for a reason. Read more

As we look for meaning in our lives, each passing year gives us more opportunity to understand the clues from the past. The synchronicities and patterns I discovered led me to research karma. . .and I found something completely different from what I expected! Read more

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