“Every Thursday” will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.

Every time an African-American achieves a goal, the U.S. History of Africans should be remembered. For individuals who stood up, before and after bondage for future generations to own, work, and strive.Today  Every Thursday features the documentary “Slavery By Another Name” (S.B.A.N.), as a social reminder.

Last year’s blog-ver-sa-tion “random Thinking”  Revive Black History. Calling for a new approach to Black History Month. Not forgetting its historical names, subsequently revive the month adding new current names and their accomplishments. In keeping this innovative revival going, the S.B.A.N. documentary will filter the history through another reminding lense…

“Create_A_Voice’s intentions of featuring this documentary, are reminders about why, African-American History is important and for it to remain relevant, while our country grow into its next skin of diversity.”

S.B.A.N. focuses on the Reconstruction period after Africans were freed. Throughout the month we’ll continue this series, we may choose a new documentary, or simply feature new relevant content. Feel free to further your edutainment here for S.B.A.N. 


Every Thursday will feature relevant historical moments of African History, here in the United States. Create_A_Voice would like to encourage healthy growth for the United States approaching a more diverse culture – than ever before…

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