Wisdom Wednesday #unTitled


i am told, our soul is from the universe and our body is made of Earth.

So that means my intelligence is vast, and my body is a commodity.

So i am a diamond that is born under pressure.

i am a composed of fallen dates, an olive branch, a treasure waiting to be discovered.

i can tell you the Earth’s narrative, of many nations striving for divine rights.

i know the deepest secret of victories that were planned at night.

My mind, body, and soul is a representative from the beyond the black hole ~ interstellar like.

i am the matter, of the first man and woman when Black Lives didn’t Matter!

Since the beginning I strive to teach intellect, love, and mercy ~ Lord Knows.

But my narrative has been marginalized and now no one knows…

i am the symbol of existence, a major brand for resilience.

i Work, i Collaborate, and i Advocate for freedom with other bodies and minds like mine.

“Stay in Solidarity” are words embedded into my soul and by this statement, I know my role … Salaams.

About Umar Hakim

Umar Hakim – an organizer, a new media personality, Associate Director/ H-Day Organizer with ILM Foundation in Los Angeles. I am a person with an imagination, wit and laughter for insightful discussions. A resident of Compton, California where urban life is a relevant component of my perspective. Also I'm member of American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute, Community Organizing Residency and NewGround - Muslim Jewish Dialogue for Change.

"My intention is entertain you through an urban paradigm of thought, expressions and action!"

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