How Far Is Too Far? On Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, and Public Outrage

Is the outrage over statements by Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher an overreaction or precisely the right response? Read more

Refilling the Cup: A Conversation on Self-Care

In these troubled times, self-care is needed now more than ever. Read more

Dealing with Criticism in the Inner Circle

Criticism isn’t always about corruption — it’s often about growth. Read more

Empathy In the Right Measure

It matters who we empathize with — and in what measure. Read more

The Importance of Diversity in the Public Square

A strong democratic society requires us to see diversity, not just give lip service to it. Read more

To Protect Religious Freedom, Chip Away at Bigotry

How can interfaith groups protect religious freedom? Little by little, for a start. Read more

Where Can Empathy Actually Take Us?

Can empathy get us where we need to go? Read more

What About the Hurdles to Good Interfaith Dialogue?

It takes discipline to deal with these hurdles. Read more

Spinning Righteous Anger Into Golden Joy

We must not forget to find joy, even in times of turmoil and chaos. Read more

How to Sustain a Resistance Movement

Every good resistance needs a way to stay charged up. Read more

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