You Got Erotica in my Peanut Butter

Author Sarah Hoyt has observed a disturbing trend: erotica is invading every other genre, for no obviously useful reason. (Note: Hoyt’s post is somewhat ribald.) At first she put it down to a last-ditch attempt by the traditional publishing establishment to retain readers…and then she discovered that the same thing is hitting independently published e-books as well…and that the books are selling. Her take-away:

What you can take from this is that NO, that story you have in the drawer is not too stupid to live. Yeah, I mean that one where the knight gets it on with the ostrich. Bring it out. Put it up on Amazon. Okay, your mom might die of shame, but hey, you’ll be able to pay for a real snazzy funeral.

If you want to write a novel, write a novel. There’s no better time. You can even leave out the erotica.

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