A New Phone Scam?

We’ve been getting a new kind of phone call recently; we’ve gotten I’ve answered at least five of them over the last couple of weeks, and I believe Jane has answered some as well. I pick up the phone, and say “Hello?” There’s a pause, and a brief ring, and then a voice with a strong Indian accent comes on:

“Hello, this is Mark, from the Virus Control Center. I’m calling about your home computer, which is under attack. Hackers are breaking into your home computer.”

And I thought to myself, the only way this guy knows whether someone’s breaking into my home computer is if he’s doing it himself. –Click–

“Hello, this is Steven, from Windows Computer….”

And I thought, “That’s not a real company.” –Click–

“Hello, this is George, from Windows Technical Support. I’m calling about your home computer.”

That one got me out of bed. I was rude to him. –Click–.

“Hello, this is Susan, from Windows Technical Support Center….”

This time it was a lady, pretending to have more information about my home computer than she should have. –Click–

Is anyone else getting these phone calls?

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