Friday Video: His Cheeseburger!

Because I'm tired and feeling goofy, here's a favorite of mine from back when I used to watch VeggieTales with my little ones, back when I had little ones: Mr. Lunt, singing, "His Cheeseburger". (The VeggieTales guys really were quite funny.) … [Read more...]

Ten Facts You Won’t Believe


Back in the day, McDonalds' shakes used to contain real wooden shakes. The SuperBowl is filmed in the same soundstage as the Moon landings. So are the Olympics. PhotoShop is really a tool for taking pictures of alternate worlds disguised as image manipulation software. Barack Obama was born in Abilene, Texas, and he doesn't want anyone to know. The airspace above Area 51 in Nevada appears on air traffic control systems as Volume 51. Benjamin Franklin invented the fax … [Read more...]

The Mystery of the Mystical Body of Christ

This month's post at CatholicMom, on the fifth Luminous Mystery: the Institution of the Eucharist:But what is the Church? It is the mystical body of Christ, as St. Paul tells us, the body of which the Holy Spirit is the soul, and we are drawn into it by that same Eucharist. When you eat normal food, it becomes part of you; but when you eat the Body of Christ you become part of His body. … [Read more...]

Meme Watch: The Fruit was Good for Food


A FaceBook friend shared this meme on FaceBook a couple of days ago, coupled with shouts of great confusion. He spent some time trying to track it down to its source, evidently successfully, but was still no wiser as to what the author was after. Me, I don't care where it came from; it's a meme, and needs to be taken as it is.So we've got a picture of Eve making bedroom eyes with Adam after having just taken a bite from the fruit of the tree of good and evil. And Eve is quoted as saying, … [Read more...]

Review: Outwitting History


The delightful Outwitting History is the story of Aaron Lansky's seemingly quixotic but ultimately successful attempt to rescue an entire body of literature: the vast body of works written in Yiddish that were in danger of being simply thrown away in last part of the 20th century.The Jews have always been people of the Book, have always been literate; and starting in the mid-19th century the language in which European Jews wrote books (and especially secular books) was Yiddish. This … [Read more...]

Today’s Aquinas: Ascending to Heaven’s Door with Peter and PEG


Last week, Pascal-Emanuel Gobry posted a delightful discussion of Thomas Aquinas and his works; and in it he puts his finger on the exact reason why I write about Thomas and his theology on Mondays. He says,Nowhere is this clearer than in the much-maligned Quinque Viae. These are not “proofs”, they are ways. (Or rather, not only proofs–they are also proofs, and they work as proofs. But they are not merely proofs.) Thomas is much maligned for putting philosophical discussion de Deo uno befor … [Read more...]

April Smith Gets Snarky—And You Can Too!

A few weeks ago I posted a video of April Smith singing a happy, upbeat song called "A Movie Loves a Screen." Since then I've plugged April Smith into Pandora to see what pops out; and among the various bits were two more songs by Smith about relationships that just weren't ever going to work out.In the first, Smith laments that her lover is "Drop Dead Gorgeous", but though he's pretty she needs 'em "quick and witty"; he'll just be a pretty face to her from now on:And the second is … [Read more...]

Aaron Lansky on Being like Moses


We are who we are, where we are, when we are. And in that sense I prefer to compare us not to Chone Shmeruk, a twentieth-century Yiddish scholar, but to Zushya, a nineteenth-century Hasidic rabbi. “When I die,” Zushya foretold, “God will not ask me, ‘Zushya, why weren’t you more like Moses?’ God will ask, ‘Zushya, why were you not more like Zushya?’”— Aaron Lansky, Outwitting HistoryI like this. The Christian life isn't about becoming more like this or that particular saint; the Christia … [Read more...]

You Are Not an Agent of Karma

I found the above title in my idea notebook yesterday, and thought, well, yes, this is true. Unfortunately I didn't capture any of the reflections that went along with the title, so I've no real idea what I was planning on saying about it. It's too good a title to waste, though, so there it is.If I recall correctly, it had to do with making the bad behavior of others an excuse for bad behavior of one's own. I have an image of an expensive car parked across two parking spaces, and an … [Read more...]