Dec. 19: The Blessing of a New Family

Twenty-one-year-old Haylee Cain felt alone and hopeless.  Afflicted with cerebral palsy which affects her arms and legs, her grandfather could no longer take care of her. She was placed in an Alabama nursing home for senior citizens.

Then, Michelle Eubanks of the Florence, Alabama, newspaper The Times Daily, wrote a story about Haylee’s situation.  Donna and Judson Emens, who had befriended Haylee when she was a young girl, saw the article and went to visit her.  After seeing how sad and depressed Haylee appeared, the Emens decided to welcome her into their home.  Their lives have been full of joy ever since.

During an interview on our Christopher Closeup radio show/podcast, program host Tony Rossi asked Donna where she got the courage to adopt someone with physical challenges.

She responded, “God inspired my life with my brother who had Down Syndrome. He died five years ago. I think God putting him in our lives helped us to realize that it’s good to help other people with needs.”

Ask what you can do to help others with special needs.

Whoever receives one such child in My name welcomes Me. (Mark 9:37)

Heal our loneliness with love, Divine Healer.

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