Oct. 19: The Value of “No” and “Yes”

In a culture that tells kids that happiness can be found in buying a particular toy or electronic gadget, Mary Jo Pedersen notes that it’s especially important that parents tell their kids “no” once in a while—and that they teach them to say “no” as well.

She also points out, “Children need first to say yes to something that they value in order to know when to say no.”  That’s why parents passing their faith on to their children carries more weight than any material wealth.

Pedersen recommends teaching children to say no through these simple but important rules:

▪ Know and name what you believe…and teach it to your children.

▪ Help your children learn self-control so they can behave as they believe.

▪ Find networks of parental and family support who share your values.

Remember, God is the best model a parent can emulate, for we are all His blessed children.

Train children in the right way.  (Proverbs 22:6)

Lord, may we teach our children to say “yes” to You.

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