Learn how to connect and affect the spirit of your group. Pagan covens and groves are often the cornerstone of our pagan practice. They’re also so much work and trouble when things go wrong with group dynamics or communication, which reflects in the spirit of your group, known as the egregore. Read more

Looking for some light and fun summer reading that resonates with being a pagan in the modern world? Look no farther than T. Thorn Coyle’s Witches of Portland series. Read more

Right now the US government is sliding perilously close to genocide. (Here’s where you, Dear Reader, freak out a bit and tell me it’s not so. It’s okay, go for it. I can wait.) We’re not killing anyone right?  Not yet, but we are taking children away from their parents in ways that returning them will be incredibly difficult.  Let me say that again.  We are taking an entire generation of children away from people who were escaping civil war… Read more

Learn about the history of the Stonewall Riots and other LGBTQIA ancestors in honor of Pride Month. Even if the President doesn’t acknowledge it, we exist. Read more

We call to the Vedic Saraswati, goddess of river and song. She rides on the back of a milk white swan the symbol of discernment and purity. Read more

I know of two other people who actually work with Velnias.  He’s not exactly a common Godfriend to have. We all agree, he smells like musk and rot in a really good way.   His Tinder profile would probably be something like: Works as: Christian Devil in Lithuania Studied at: the University of the Beginning of the World Located at: your nearest swamp Likes to: dance, hates thunder Into: magic, sex, cattle, wealth, and tricking people Bad boy exterior but… Read more

Sorting the springtide can be difficult.  Beltane can be cold and work can be demanding. Here are four ways to bring the spring in to your life including nature spirits, ancestors, and updating some old folk customs for modern life. Read more

What’s a Totem? What’s a spirit animal? As Pagans how do we use these terms, and how do we relate to that huge world of spirit represented by the plant and animal kingdoms? Read more

The Baltic Sun Mother and Moon Father had a number of children who happened to include the visible planets and the earth herself. Does this point to an early heliocentric cosmology? Read more

Looking for a kids activity for your upcoming spring ritual? How about retelling the tale of Idunn and the Golden Apples with puppets? I also share tips on storytelling and inspiration on the tale. Read more

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