Convocation 2017 Review

The Rev. Melissa Hill shares a snippet of what Convocation is like for a druid. [Read more…]

The Fire of Willpower

If you’ve ever had a goal you failed with or binge ate a whole box (or three) of Girl Scout cookies, you might want to read up on the notes from my Fire of Willpower workshop! [Read more…]

Convocation Preperations

I’m leaving for Convocation this afternoon. It’s the largest indoor pagan convention in the midwest, and I know a number of people who go directly from Pantheacon to Convocation in a two weekend long bonanza of pagan festivities. I’ve been preparing like mad,  assembling my ritual team, blessing tokens, gathering offerings, and doing trancework to [Read More…]

A Path to Activism in the Age of Trump

The priests of ADF are finding their own paths to activism and commitment to the folk with ritual action meant to inspire and lead. [Read more…]

Simplifying the orbit of Venus for Pagan Devotions

As we work on our New Years Resolutions and plan our year here’s some ideas for how to incorporate the orbit of Venus into devotional practices. [Read more…]

Inspired by Martin Luther King: a Speech

Inspired by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, the Rev. Melissa Hill shares a speech she wrote for the NODAPL protests last month. [Read more…]

Rev. Mel’s guide to “All The Things” for Ritual

Tips and tricks of the liturgist’s trade from a priest who has had to learn to teach others how to do what she did. [Read more…]

Kucios and Kaleda: The Lithuanian Solstice

It’s been a rough year here in Dandelionlady territory. Lots of upheaval both personally and politically.  There’s still room for joy and happiness though. There has to be. In the Lithuanian tradition the Solstice is celebrated over two days, called Kucios and Kaleda.  Kucios is when the family gathers and shares a sacred meal that [Read More…]

Where is Hope Now?

The burden of hope is this: now is the time. In geological time a decade is an eye-blink. In generational time, it is a gesture of the hand, a slow wave, now is not just tomorrow, but the day after that, and the years that follow. Each and every one of us must ask ourselves, “What can I do?” and even more importantly, “What can we do?” [Read more…]

November Prayer-A-Day Challenge

Join in the ADF Prayer A Day Challenge or just check out what others are writing! It’s our very own pagan Nanowrimo! [Read more…]