Making Corn Dollies for the Autumn Equinox

Learn to make Corn Dollies as a great way to celebrate the harvest for the upcoming Autumn Equinox. Enjoy this great craft for all ages as the leaves start to fall and gardens fade. Read more

Pagan Homesteading

As I prepped for presenting my workshop last weekend, I decided to shape up my notes into an overview of what I will be talking about. In parts of this post I will reference what I would be asking the participants. Feel free to post in the comments section and I will get back to you with answers and resources if I can.   As druids we honor the Earth Mother first in our rites because our founder, Issac Bonewits wanted… Read more

Pagan Sustainability Book List

I’m getting ready to head up to Midnight Flame Festival in upper Michigan this weekend and I’m prepping for my workshop on Pagan Homesteading. As part of that I was updating and editing my list of pagan sustainability books and I thought I’d share it here again.  If you’re looking for something to keep you busy now that the kids are in school or for a present for your favorite pagan gardener, here’s a lot of material! Happy Reading! Books… Read more

Books I Read Last Month: September Edition

Here’s the books I’ve read this last month, in the hopes that they may inspire or encourage you, Dear Reader, to read some neat books and talk about them. I list them in no particular order because it’s too much work to alphabetize them and I’m pretty sure none of you care. If you care about alphabetization of my book list, feel free to let me know and we can schedule a time for you to organize my books on… Read more

Debriefing on the Charlottesville and Dealing with Racism

Rev. Melissa Hill updates on her own faith traditions response to the Charlottesville crisis and deconstructs the Golden Rule versus the Druidic virtue of Hospitality in Race Relations. Read more

A Pagan Priest’s Response to the Horror of Charlottesville

I honor Heather Heyer as an ancestral hero. She died protesting Nazis Saturday night. Read more

Books I Read This Month: July

So what have you been reading, Dear reader? Here’s what I’ve been working on,  in no particular order, just as I happen to write about them. The New Moon’s Arms by Nalo Hopkinson This one is a fiction novel written by one of my new favorite authors. I have loved everything I’ve read of hers. It’s set in modern day Caribbean islands and is about this menopausal woman who begins to have magic finding powers. It’s not only so funny… Read more

Why I am a Druid or how I Defected from Wicca with a Bunch of My Folk

The last segment in the July Blogging Series here at Pagan Patheos, Rev. Hill talks about her personal search for religious authenticity. Read more

Finding a Higher Power: Believing in Baltic Deities or How I Found Obscure Gods and Worshipped Them

I worship gods that most have never heard of, this is how I met them, and most importantly, connected with them. Read more

How I Found Paganism: The Origin Story of a Druid Priestess

I am a priest, a spiritworker, a friend, a teacher, a writer, an artist, and an activist for the earth and Her folk. In a very real way paganism has shaped my entire existence. Read more

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