A workshop outline for how to teach consent culture to adults at pagan festivals and convention by building dialogue and interactive activities. Read more

Rev. Jan Avende brings us a little brightness in the midst of winter with a shrine creation challenge with daily prompts and hashtags. Read more

After a year of devotion to Tending the Flame of Hope a report on what Hope means and how it’s affected my activism and religion. Read more

It’s about pain, I suppose.  What do we do with the kind of pain that seems so easy to inflict on ourselves?  I read the excerpt from the book written by the daughter of a writer I admired: Marion Zimmer Bradley. I still have a copy of The Mists of Avalon on my shelf. I can’t quite bear to part with it, but every time I try to read it the history of its author and the suffering she put… Read more

Big plans are in the works for the Dandelionlady this year! I will be teaching at Convocation and Wellspring as well as blogging, and art. Read more

A Winter Solstice tale of the Sun Goddess kidnapped by the Swamp God and how the Sun’s Daughters and the Thunder God set things to rights. Read more

In the face of Climate Change and Trump it’s hard to know what to do to be sustainable and to make a change in the world as a pagan or druid. Be a Hobbit. Read more

It’s literally piss and vinegar. Learn the history and how-to of witch bottles and anti-cursing magic. Read more

It’s like the velveteen rabbit, but sometimes it gets creepy. Here’s some things to know when your kids tell you that their dolls are acting oddly. Read more

Samhain is the time for mourning. Here are some prayers to help you mourn the deaths of some of the more difficult categories of ancestors, as well as a guide to building your own prayer for the heroic dead. Read more

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