I know of two other people who actually work with Velnias.  He’s not exactly a common Godfriend to have. We all agree, he smells like musk and rot in a really good way.   His Tinder profile would probably be something like: Works as: Christian Devil in Lithuania Studied at: the University of the Beginning of the World Located at: your nearest swamp Likes to: dance, hates thunder Into: magic, sex, cattle, wealth, and tricking people Bad boy exterior but… Read more

Sorting the springtide can be difficult.  Beltane can be cold and work can be demanding. Here are four ways to bring the spring in to your life including nature spirits, ancestors, and updating some old folk customs for modern life. Read more

What’s a Totem? What’s a spirit animal? As Pagans how do we use these terms, and how do we relate to that huge world of spirit represented by the plant and animal kingdoms? Read more

The Baltic Sun Mother and Moon Father had a number of children who happened to include the visible planets and the earth herself. Does this point to an early heliocentric cosmology? Read more

Looking for a kids activity for your upcoming spring ritual? How about retelling the tale of Idunn and the Golden Apples with puppets? I also share tips on storytelling and inspiration on the tale. Read more

“Resilience is a process of skillfully navigating through crisis with the ability to psychologically bounce back from times of distress” Why do we care about resilience?  I mean, other than the fact that life is stressful, jobs get lost, things break, love is lost, and generally bad things happen? Read more

A workshop outline for how to teach consent culture to adults at pagan festivals and convention by building dialogue and interactive activities. Read more

Rev. Jan Avende brings us a little brightness in the midst of winter with a shrine creation challenge with daily prompts and hashtags. Read more

After a year of devotion to Tending the Flame of Hope a report on what Hope means and how it’s affected my activism and religion. Read more

It’s about pain, I suppose.  What do we do with the kind of pain that seems so easy to inflict on ourselves?  I read the excerpt from the book written by the daughter of a writer I admired: Marion Zimmer Bradley. I still have a copy of The Mists of Avalon on my shelf. I can’t quite bear to part with it, but every time I try to read it the history of its author and the suffering she put… Read more

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