A Few Light Moments, Borrowed (I’m Afraid) without Attribution


Some amusing items that I’ve noticed over the past few days.  Unfortunately, I can no longer remember where I saw them, so I can’t give credit or thanks.


I love dogs.


The perils of public reputation


Whoever posted this — sorry, I can’t remember who it was — remarked “I hope they buried him in his favorite striped shirt!”


Please pardon the slightly salty farmyard language in this one:


Sometimes, it’s just not fair.


Perennial problems (click to enlarge)


“The Scream”


This isn’t far enough from reality.




  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raymond-Swenson/100000312491451 Raymond Swenson

    As passwords get too complicated, we can’t remember them, so we write them down all over the place, which undermines their secrecy. So there is a point of diminishing returns in piling on password characters.