A Few Light Moments, Borrowed (I’m Afraid) without Attribution


Some amusing items that I’ve noticed over the past few days.  Unfortunately, I can no longer remember where I saw them, so I can’t give credit or thanks.


I love dogs.


The perils of public reputation


Whoever posted this — sorry, I can’t remember who it was — remarked “I hope they buried him in his favorite striped shirt!”


Please pardon the slightly salty farmyard language in this one:


Sometimes, it’s just not fair.


Perennial problems (click to enlarge)


“The Scream”


This isn’t far enough from reality.




The Church's new Central Eurasian Mission
Robert George's commencement remarks at BYU
"Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mormon Family Home Evening: An Episcopal Priest's Perspective"
"Cultural conservatives have barely begun to fight"
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    As passwords get too complicated, we can’t remember them, so we write them down all over the place, which undermines their secrecy. So there is a point of diminishing returns in piling on password characters.