Things very good and, well, very bad.

Things very good and, well, very bad. October 11, 2017


John Gee's new book's cover
It’s now beginning to appear in stores, I think. (Image from


On Monday night, my wife and I enjoyed a Thai dinner with friends — Thai is one of my very favorite cuisines — and, last night, we attended a touring Broadway performance at the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City of the Gershwin-inspired musical An American in Paris.  Life can be very good.




You may have noticed that I like to help the hobbyists, out there, who are zealously adding to their already bulging “Religion is Evil” and “Mormonism is Evil” files.  In that spirit, here are some additional items that they may have missed:


“Church Provides 17,000 Meals to Feed the Hungry in Virginia”


“Hurricane Irma and Maria Updates”


From the Lowell [Massachusetts] Sun:  “Mormon Helping Hands volunteers 1,000 hours”


“Mormon churches shelter California fire victims; members assist those who lost homes (+video)”


You can join in this anti-social Mormon wickedness here, or by contributing here.




Meet the Mormon Harvey Weinstein!


On rather a different note, one of the exceedingly strange and deeply anonymous folks who’ve been stalking me and maligning me for a decade or so online has now pronounced me a Mormon parallel to Harvey Weinstein.  Among other things, this particular character has scrounged through IRS records trying to find discrediting financial dirt on me, and even, once, managed to locate a personal website on which somebody had recounted a humorous story from our student days in Jerusalem years ago, before my marriage; my ever-hopeful stalker felt that the anecdote could be used to make me look like an anti-Semitic bigot.




Some of you might enjoy this interview with Dr. John Gee, author of the new volume An Introduction to the Book of Abraham.  The interview begins at about the 45-minute mark.


If you want to learn something more about the very, very sad story that is mentioned at the beginning of the podcast — and, perhaps, if you want to contribute something or to help — please read this:


“LDS Mom of 6 Killed While Driving Home After Visiting ‘Miracle’ Twins in NICU”


This is one of the worst things that can happen in mortality.  Just awful.


I’ve lost close friends to drunk drivers.  I hate these stories.  Life can be very bad.





You might find this article, by Grant Shreve, thought-provoking.  Or provoking.  Or something:


“How Mormons Have Made a Religion Out of Doubt”


Here’s an interesting item about its author, Dr. Shreve, that will help you to understand where he’s coming from.


“I fell hard for the Book of Mormon but did not convert to the LDS Church”



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