“Sustaining the Brethren”

General Conference sustaining vote

  Another Friday, another article in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.  And this one is particularly relevant around as we move toward the end of March and the beginning of April: http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/sustaining-the-brethren/ I think it should be pretty clear which side the Interpreter Foundation is on.  I hope that our stance and our loyalty won't ever be ambiguous.   … [Read more...]

“Because He Lives”

Albrecht Dürer

  http://www.mormon.org/easter?cid=email_inspiration_and_news_3_2015_helives_img Please share this. At this season. At all seasons. Because he really does live.   … [Read more...]

“Politics and the Approach of General Conference”

Conference Center theater entrance

  The wonderful Cassandra Showell Hedelius has said some things that very much need to be said these days: http://ldsmag.com/politics-and-the-approach-of-general-conference/ And don't miss the end notes to her article.  One of them is a classic.   … [Read more...]

“5 underrated Disney movies”

Cinderella's Castle, Disney World

  The remarkable young movie writer for the Deseret News has published another interesting piece: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865625075/5-underrated-Disney-movies.html?pg=all#EDxHJArjIP60UmYd.01   … [Read more...]

New Testament 115

Tissot, A Woman Cries Out

   Luke 8:1-3Compare Matthew 9:35; Mark 6:6; 16:9 One of the very striking things about the ministry of Jesus is the prominence of women among his disciples. Don't fail to notice this as you read the four gospels.  It's important.   … [Read more...]

Of chance and change

The first ascent of the Matterhorn

  "Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."  (Jim Rohn, d. 2009)  … [Read more...]

The title of the blog entry to which I’m supplying a link here has been suppressed.

I want everybody to love everybody.

  I'm really busy today with classes, and then my wife and I are headed out this evening with friends for dinner and a concert, so I won't have much if any time to deal with all the likely protests about my viciousness, intellectual dishonesty, obsolescence, narrow-minded fanaticism, and so forth. With that in mind, and in view of the spirited shooting-the-messenger comments that I received yesterday for my link to the first installment of Dr. John Gee's … [Read more...]

“Joseph, the stone, the hat, and why it all matters”

JS translating in the way he didn't

  http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865625005/Joseph-the-stone-and-the-hat-Why-it-all-matters.html   … [Read more...]