An old man with a soccer ball

I freely grant that it's not as inspiring as the soccer technique of Uruguay's Luis "Fangs" Sanchez.  But it's really good.

    I want to lighten the mood from the immediately preceding blog entry.   Perhaps I've posted this item before.  I can't recall.  But I love it, and it seems appropriate in view of the World Cup game tomorrow evening.   If you want a few short minutes of hilarious entertainment, this video ranks pretty high, in my judgment:     … [Read more...]

Financial needs

The annual conference will be on 7-8 August.

    When I wrote my Deseret News column last week about the approaching 2014 FairMormon Conference, I included a line that the editors of the newspaper excised from the published version.  (Presumably -- they didn't say -- they removed it because they don't want appeals for money in their opinion columns, which I can understand.)  Anyway, here is what I originally wrote:   Readers of a column that bears the running title of “Defending the Faith” will scarcely … [Read more...]

“Hug a Muslim!”

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    I can no longer recall where I found this.  But I got a kick out of it.   And, while I'm not sure that all Muslims would be thrilled at an unexpected hug from a stranger, I like the sentiment.     … [Read more...]

Obama buyer’s remorse

A costly error

              Have I mentioned that I'm not a particularly enthusiastic fan of Barack Obama?     … [Read more...]

Two somewhat unusual conversions

The Washington DC Temple
(Click to enlarge.)

    A nice conversion story involving a former Lutheran pastor and a former Episcopal priest:     … [Read more...]

I stand with Holly

She's been called a whole lot of really hateful things -- including several obscenely misogynistic things that I would never, ever, ever quote on this blog -- and probably by people who are furious at the Right's supposed "war on women."

    An amusing series of images and comments:     … [Read more...]

“Turning the clock back to the 7th century in Iraq?”

A man purported to be the previously secretive "Abu Bakr al-Baghdani" (but now to be known as "Caliph Ibrahim") speaking recently from the pulpit of a mosque in Mosul, Iraq

    This morning's Hamblin/Peterson column provides a brief historical background for the proclamation, by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, of a new universal "caliphate":     … [Read more...]

“Theological training not required to believe in Christ”

Modern Iznik, Turkey 
(the ancient Nicea, site of the Nicene Council)
Click to enlarge.     … [Read more...]