Sunday night, at the corner of 8th South and 8th East, in Orem, Utah

  If you’re local, you’ve seen the two exceptionally large LDS meetinghouses that share this corner not far from Costco.  The fireside will be in the northeasternmost of the two buildings, and, I understand, in its east chapel.  (Each building has two chapels.)     I’ve known and admired Jack Welch for much of my life, and [Read More…]

“What it’s like to experience the 2016 election as both a conservative and a sex abuse survivor”

    In the run-up to 2012’s presidential election, Nancy French and her husband, David, ran a website called “Evangelicals for Mitt.”   This year’s Republican campaign is a bit different, and this article is a moving account of her personal disillusionment:   If you’re inclined to dismiss what we know about Donald [Read More…]

“Action Movie Kid”

    Tired of the presidential campaign?  Depressed that your team isn’t in the National League playoffs?  (Mine is.  But they’re probably going to lose.  About thirty blocks from where I currently sit.)  Already worried about your Christmas shopping?   Cheer yourself up with this:     Posted from Chicago, Illinois     [Read more…]

“Source: ISIS executes hundreds of Mosul area residents”

    This is a horrifying account:   I’ve had some slight dealing with Zeid bin Ra‘ad al-Hussein, including a memorable dinner with him and then-Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT)  at a home near Washington DC.  He is a very measured, intelligent man; if he takes this report seriously, I certainly do, too.   [Read More…]

“McMullin surge threatens to squeeze Trump’s already narrow path to victory”

    In my view, Donald Trump has essentially no path to victory.   Nor does Evan McMullin, really.  Mrs. Clinton will be the next president of the United States.  But we can still stand for principle, even if we go down to defeat.   Posted from Chicago, Illinois     [Read more…]

“Did 40-year-old Viking experiment discover life on Mars?”

    Has evidence for life on Mars already been discovered?   An interesting article suggests that it has:   In any case, don’t miss the important little section on the resistance in mainstream academia to ideas that depart from the mainstream.   Posted from Chicago, Illinois     [Read more…]

“On the Dating of Moroni 8-9”

    Joseph M. Spencer is the author of the newest article published in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.  We invite you to enjoy it!   On the Dating of Moroni 8-9     [Read more…]

Is 3 Nephi’s account of massive destruction even remotely plausible?

    “What Caused the Darkness and Destruction in the 34th Year?”     [Read more…]

“Trump: The Game”

    Wow.  So much can already be seen in this ad, from way back in 1988:     The frenetic hype.   The failed business launch.  The underperformance.  (Within a few months, “Trump: The Game” could best be found in dumpsters and thrift stores.)   The self-aggrandizing emphasis on his own name and brand.  (Count, [Read More…]

On asking forgiveness

    “I seek forgiveness from God for my lack of sincerity when I seek the forgiveness of God.” Rabi‘a al-‘Adawiyya       [Read more…]