Mitt Romney holding Utah fundraiser for Mia Love

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“Saving Coffee”

Colombian coffee farm

  It seems, according to the October issue of Scientific American, that the world's coffee supply is in crisis. Diseases have devastated crops in Central America and Ethiopia, insects have reduced yields in Colombia, climate warming has significantly lowered harvests in India and Indonesia, and, in Ethiopia and Madagascar, deforestation threatens the wild coffee plants that preserve the overwhelming bulk of coffee's genetic diversity. What makes … [Read more...]

“Biblical names for Lord have a strange history”

Interlinear Hebrew-English Psalm 23

  Today's iteration of the bi-weekly Hamblin/Peterson "Living Religion" column in the Deseret News is up:   … [Read more...]

A FedEx ad, filmed at the lavish headquarters of The Interpreter Foundation

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1 Nephi 19

Nephi and the plates

  Two important principles of scriptural interpretation are clearly stated or implied in today's reading, 1 Nephi 19: 1. As plainly shown in 1 Nephi 19:6, Nephi claims no infallibility for himself and no inerrancy for his writing.  Nor does the Book of Mormon claim inerrancy for itself.  Indeed, quite the contrary:  "And now," says the revealed ancient "Title Page" to the Book of Mormon, "if there are faults they are the mistakes of men; wherefore, … [Read more...]

“Cut! Costume and the Cinema”

The inimitable Johnny Depp

  One of the current exhibits at the BYU Museum of Art would, I'm certain, be a real crowd-pleaser if more people knew about it: Movies?  Stars?  Clothes?  Something to interest just about anybody who pays the slightest attention to popular culture -- in other words, just about anyone alive in 2014. But it closes on 6 December.  It's not here forever.  And, although 6 December seems a long … [Read more...]

From the blog of an Egyptian feminist

Schloss Neuschwanstein

  Nearing the end of Joshua Muravchik's interesting and very readable book The Next Founders: Voices of Democracy in the Middle East (New York and London: Encounter Books, 2009) this morning, I was amused by his citation of an entry from an English-language blog called Freedom for Egyptians: Once upon a timein a land far away,a beautiful, independent,self-assured princesshappened upon a frog as she satcontemplating ecological issueson … [Read more...]

Where did religion come from?

Cologne Cathedral

  "There is not one case against religion, but many.  Some say, like Capaneus in Statius, that it is a projection of our primitive fears, primus in orbe deus fecit timor: others, with Euhemerus, that it is all a 'plant' put up by wicked kings, priests, or capitalists; others, with Tylor, that it comes from dreams about the dead; others, with Frazer, that it is a by-product of agriculture; others, like Freud, that it is a complex; the moderns that it is a category mistake. … [Read more...]