Son of Eve: R.A. Waldron Q&A

Son of Eve: R.A. Waldron Q&A August 23, 2011

Name: R. A.Waldron, aka Baba Nu Heri Mensa Ogun

Published Book(s): The God Genes Decoded, Volumes I and II

Location: New York City

Website: The God Genes Decoded, The Hour of Truth, and Babu Nu Heri on Blogtalkradio ( and (

Social Networking Site: Baba Nu Mensa Ogun on Facebook and Baba Nu-heri Mensa Ogun on Myspace

What inspired you to write your first book (Volume 1: Gods Gene Decoded)?

Since childhood, my most passionate interest has been obeah, magic, the super natural, etc. I remember being visited by the man in the moon as a young child. It was not until after being initiated into Haitian Vodou that I knew it was a real visit and not a dream. Thus, I was inspired by a genuine search and desire for knowledge. However, the invents that triggered my impetus to write are way more emotionally riveting than the aforementioned. At a young age, (18) I was introduced to some of the historical contributions Africans made to civilizations and immediately I wanted to know their religious views as I attributed this to their ability to pioneer such glorious civilizations at an early period in human evolution. Through this journey, I eventually came to realize that those who I trusted to know this religion, culture, etc. did not; I took issue with this and for some strange reason thought that the universe owed me an explanation. To my surprise, I was obliged by ancestors, angels, planets and the galaxy herself. They really tried hard to guide me to the right perspective to not only assist myself but also to assist others who are in search of a clearer understanding of life. Early on, I agreed that getting to the foundation of creation was necessary to avoid the plethora of confusion that is arresting the evolutionary development of mankind; I knew this as cosmology when I first started writing but I had no idea the intimate details could be found in molecular cell biology. This is where one angel pointed me to, and my best friend, who had worked for several years in a science lab, corroborated the vision. Not only is my best friend the one who introduced me to ancient African Cultures of the Nile Valley (Egypt), but he is also the one that sparked my mind with the truth of science being the wisdom of the ancient Egyptian priesthood.

What inspired you to write your second book (Volume 2: Gods Gene Encoded?

When I first started writing Volume I of the God Genes Decoded Tehuti visited me and told me that it’s about love. He visited me a second time to reiterate this because he wanted to make sure that I got it. In the first edition of the God Genes Decoded Volume, I did include love as the foundation of the creation of the universe but it did not go very deeply into love. However, I was already falling in love with the philosophy of love by the time I started volume II. There was a specific situation that motivated me to the point of totally rewriting volume II within a two week span around Love and naming the book Love is the Law of Life. I became a love fundamentalist during that period of time because of a relationship I was involved in that had the potential to reach the stars but for one major ingredient. Love was not a central theme of the relationship, thus I was able to see that Love is the central theme for success. Now of course since in the beginning was the word and the word was god and the word was with god, this means that love has to be accurately defined and so I sought out to accurately define love with Volume II of my book. In a sense I was fulfilling a promise and agreement I had made with the Deity Tehuti though It was inspired by a real life situation. In other words, the directive given to me via the deity Tehuti became so real to me and I did not see much of a choice regarding centering my second book around Love. This is when I really fell in love with love itself.

Is there a message in your books that you want the readers to grasp?

The one god of all the world’s major religions is Love, Love is the religion of our universe, Love is the religion that was used to create our universe, Love is the reason why our universe was created, and love is what maintains our universe. Love is my religion, love is what causes us to crystallize (Christhood) around moral philosophies. Allah is a sound, hekau, word of power, mantra that inspires our hearts and minds around the wisdom of love. God is a code word as well as a process that is used to grow, expand, create successfully etc. Buddha (Ptah) is an avatar of Love who does what he does out of Love. Love is the unified field theory and we need to stop making humanity think that we have to go on these expensive lifelong searches to find a unified field theory. Consciousness can be defined and has been defined and our ancient ancestors did it. We need to stop being taken around in circles by the oligarchic caste of western civilization because our planet is waiting for us to take a stance and to really develop a unified culture, religion, and human family so that we can start assisting other areas of the universe with their evolutionary development. We are really wasting time down here and our planet is very frustrated.

– There is no separation between church and state

– There is no separation between religion and science

– The foundational cultures of our planet had all the wisdom we need to be considered modern

– We need to restructure human civilizations around a truly loving, healthy paradigm. This requires stepping out of your ideological comfort zone

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your books?

There is always room for improvement. However, to be specific I would increase the font size of volume I along with the line spacing and shorten it to 300 pages simply because people are not as avid when it comes to reading as they were, say, 25 years ago.

As of right now, outside of a couple edits, Volume II stays.

Are there any aspects of your books or getting it published you would change?

Volume I itself should have been a two or three part series and I do intend to publish all my books in hard back.

Is there anything in particular you find challenging in your writing?

The biggest challenge I see in writing is the use of language based on the audience. How do you transcend the unavoidable obstacles in communication that is inherent in any language? Then they are the different forms of the English language that conflict with a word processor and spell checker. There are also the limitations of a word processor which you can’t expect to include words that are outside of the English language but are relevant. Also, unlike some authors who choose to speak above the readers head to sort of validate their authority as a writer I chose to truly speak to the layman that I may inspire them to move up the evolutionary ladder intellectually so that they may play a role in human evolution if only by being a more evolved human being with a healthy perspective. My position is this, as a species on the planet we are stagnated right now; to move past this point we need more human beings moving up the evolutionary ladder to change the vibration of the entire human species. This is why I chose as an Author not to continue the word games that are used to maintain the cloak of false reality that has imprisoned the minds of so many human beings.

What was the hardest part in writing your book?

Learning how to write a book was the hardest part of writing a book. I have always been adept with language and theory; I have been reading the newspaper since age four. Writing is an art that had to be mastered. I was also responsible for the layout of the book, the structure of the book. Thankfully I knew enough about Kabala to solve that issue.

What type of “audience” do you feel would benefit from your book?

My book is written with humanity in mind. This might sound vague to an advertising agency or marketing specialist but if I write for a particular group, age, race, religious affiliation etc., I would be failing as a Priest who is a scribe. The goal is to uplift humanity with ideas and perspectives that prove a harmony that we all can agree upon. By choosing ancient Egypt as the outer form of the book by default, all people who love ancient Egypt become a target audience. By using the word God in the title all Christians become a target audience or people who believe in God, by using the word genes in the title then all people who have a love for science have become targets for the book. Thus all of these people would benefit from the book.

What are your favorite chapters and why?

Wow. I don’t have a favorite chapter above a favorite idea and I keep that idea interwoven in all chapters. My favorite chapter is the book itself. Love is addictive as it should be.

How did you come up with the title?

I knew that the wisdom I was looking for dwelt within my DNA because I knew that my DNA had the memories of billions of years of existence. As I wrote and decoded life I realized that my DNA are Gods And Goddesses, this perspective helped me to have a healthy relationship with myself.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

This is one of the best ways that I can show my love for humanity. It’s not an easy job, it must be done and I am trying very hard to do it the best way possible

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born on the Island of Barbados in 1975 and I lived the contradiction paradox of greatness and mediocrity. Meaning, if you think you are worthless it is most likely because you are worth a lot. If you have low self-esteem, it is most likely because you can play an instrumental role in building a healthy nation. If you are shy it is most likely because your courage is beyond measure. In Vodou, we call this the mirror, look into the mirror, I have looked into the mirror and its infinite. I am Vodou; I live, eat and sleep Vodou, and I will do so for all eternity as the creators of our universe do and as my ancestors do. I had a childhood that you cannot put a price on; I love my childhood so much I sometimes cry about it. I feel really sorry for children who are raised in certain environments even if they have the access clean water, plenty food, parents, and so on and so forth. Mother Nature knows best what type of environment a child needs and I saw and experienced enough of that as a child to the point where I told a Christian fundamentalist at age 14 “If you cannot include nature in your definition of God then I don’t believe in your definition of God.” Nature showed me more love than anyone else I know in human form.

What is your religious/spiritual practice?


In what ways has Haitian Vodou been “separated” from the ancient Khemit, Egyptian religion?

It has been separated in publicly expressed ideas and it has been separated in privately expressed ideas. Too many of the Haitians have simply forgotten because there was an agenda by those with influence to cut those people off from their ancestral roots.

In what ways is it similar to the ancient Khemit religion?

Haitian Vodou is the same thing as the Ancient Khemau Religion without the location and the buildings. Its initiatory rights is only missing one part of the ancient Khemau initiatory rights, and the initiatory rights are the central core of the religion. They are degrees of exposure and once you get to a high degree of exposure there really and truly is no difference. There might be seemingly different nomenclature for deity names but cursory education in the subject matter along with linguistics and etymology will yield a harmony between the two.

In addition to being a Haitian Vodou priest and Egyptian priest; you’re also a Kabbalist; when did you come upon that path?

I came upon this path about 1300 years ago which is very interesting because it shows that no matter what position you play in a nation of enlightened masters that alone does not make you enlightened. Because enlightenment is such a rare thing for human beings you can’t avoid having un-enlightened people in your family and government and I was such a person until my father stepped in because he knew what was coming and he wanted to leave me prepared enough to survive and I have.

How did “it” acquire? And how did it change you? Did it change you?

My father taught me for years, or you can say drilled it in my head for years because if you are new to enlightenment then most likely you are hard headed or stubborn. It’s been so long I really can’t say how it has changed me without studying the average human being and seeing the difference in what I believe and experience and what others believe and experience. I do know that I am privy to some really private information and I have a knack for decoding and deciphering. I understand why high priest in traditional African religions is called keepers of secrets; a person can become imbalanced in being exposed to certain information and certain types of people. Our planet and universe is populated by all types of people, dragon people, horse people, goat people, dog people, lion and lioness people, sun people, moon people, galaxy people, molecular people, virus people, the list goes on. When I entered the institution of the priesthood to become a High Priest I was visited by some really important and serious people and they said “you can never go back, the commitment is forever.” I knew this, but it is so important it has to be stated.

Please define, in your own words and thoughts, a Magus?

A Magus is a practitioner of Magic, the practice of magic entails using the wisdom of love. Love is the most powerful form of magic; to be more precise Love is magic.

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