A Racist or A Phobic?

A Racist or A Phobic?

“My journey has taken me past constructions of race, past constructions of mixed race, and into an understanding of human difference that does not include race as a meaningful category.” (Spencer in Penn, 2002, p.10)

My latest post is written slightly regarding identifying myself as raceless as well as providing a brief description of what raceless is. The second part is going marginally into the depth of individuals, primarily my voice, who are raceless and dealing with a world that can appear entirely absolute. Currently, our political climate has been beset with the overuse, at times inadequately applied, with the term racist and racism. My deepest fear is that overuse of such words will desensitize many individuals; including the very persons it clearly identifies with. I, for one, have become immune to many vulgarities. They no longer bother me. One: I know who I am. Two: It has become such a buzzword that it causes me nothing but annoyance. Seriously, can an individual come up with something extraordinary? I’m bored by it.

This brings me back to fear. Fear. Are all accused as racist actually racist? The definition of a racist is a person with a prejudiced belief that one’s race is superior to others. Fear is the absence of one’s superiority. It’s the unpleasant emotions that someone or something will cause pain, a threat, a danger to their entire being. Fear does cause one’s emotions to erupt in erratic ways, one being anger. Anger doesn’t consistently equate to feelings of superiority.

I’ve notice those who are branded with such title, racist, don’t feel they are superior at all. Some have no issues with a race, simply the stereotypical culture that a race, based on their culture-society, is identified. Some are not articulate in expression; in turn, they do speak blindly ignorantly.  Some have no issues with other races (or ethnicities), just one particular race (or ethnicity). This is where the “I’m not racist; I have a (fill in race or ethnicity, etc.), who are (fill in the race or ethnicity). These individuals laugh for they know the word and the definition doesn’t fit them. A prime example is Lou Dobbs, who I’ve often heard being called a racist. Is he really? He is married to a Mexican-American woman.  I may not know too much about his wife. I can only imagine those who are first generation American, or immigrants who came to America as children, or generational children/adults who identify with two different nationalities blended into two different cultures. For a Xenophobe, they’re not as intimidating and easily understood. No, I don’t believe Lou Dobb is a racist. I do believe he may be Xenophobic; one with an intense or irrational dislike for people from other countries or people they do not know. The key word is irrational.  Somehow, he has disassociated his wife from Mexicans; either because she is a legal immigrant, she was born in the United States, her culture is a blend of American, or what have you. He reminds me of a date I had with a man who rambled off his disdain for Haitians. I sat there, very still, fuming in rage and, at the same time, desiring to laugh right in his face. Especially when he stated, “I can see a Haitian a mile away. They have this distinct nose and smell to them.” Okay, that is when I began laughing. I signaled the waiter for the check and told him that our date is at an end. When he inquired why, for he was totally shocked, I replied, “You couldn’t see me a mile away and your nose apparently isn’t working. I’m Haitian.” I purposely omitted the “American” for I didn’t desire him to justify his ignorance by using my “Americanism.” The man isn’t racist (he is Caucasian) but Xenophobic, particularly of Haitians, Cubans, and other islanders. I’m sure, due to his location, residing in southern Florida where there is a high population of Caribbean immigrants. I understood the selection of his phobia, due to his location, but will NEVER excuse it. I also understood that saying this to a black person isn’t the first, for I’ve met Xenophobic black individuals as well. Impromptu example is that I’ve been asked what my ethnicity is: “You have that exotic look to you.  You can’t be African-American. Are you from Somali?” Although Somali is a country in Africa, for many individuals, they are not considered Africans. Similar to how some people exempt those from Turkey or Armenians as being non- Europeans. On the other hand, pending on how the individuals construct inquires or make a statement, I wouldn’t cast them off as xenophobic. The latter example (you can’t be African-American) is blurred with innocent ignorance and a high level of being aware (most of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade is from African people off the West coast countries. Somalia being of the East makes sense. Nonetheless, African-Americans don’t necessarily mean you’re generational black who has ancestors since the beginning of the slave trade on United States land, and among other factors that I will not go into depth here, now).

On top of Xenophobia, I realize individuals within our society, not to say our society is unique, have the following (not limiting to the following, as well);

Negrophobia: fear or contempt of black people and their culture.

Blancophobia: (at times, referred to as Albophobia), fear or contempt of white people and their culture.

Colorphobia: a fear or contempt of people of a particular skin color.

Individuals may not have issues with black or white people, only issues, fear or contempt, with the stereotype of a culture (particularly, music genres that create a subculture). My earlier post used the two examples of African-American country singer, Darius Rackur, and Caucasian-American rapper, Eminem. Those who adore Darius Rackur and bastardized Eminem with racially charged words (acting white, acting black) are exhibiting Negrophobia, contempt of what they view black culture is; and Blancophobia, contempt of what they view what white culture is. Another paradigm and definition of Negrophobia and Blancophobia is absolute disdain for skin color, the obvious, specifically. I will refer this as hard negrophobic and blancophobic. Individuals who are hard Negrophobic and Blancophobic don’t care to know ones nationality-ethnicity, culture-subculture, or see too many skin variations. They simply classify, within their mind, people as black and white (think of the historic one drop rule and the terms applied of mix race individuals as “passing” of either white or black). Another prime example is American-Indian (from India) Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, may not cause fear or contempt in an individual as her American-Indian Republican comrade Bobby Jindal. Both Jindal and Haley Anglicized their birth name to sound more American, English. They both came from a familial religious background that isn’t Christian. They both speak openly about being immigrants from India. The only difference between them, besides gender, is skin hue variations. Individuals who are Negrophobia may classify Bobby Jindal as black and see him as a threat. In contrast, Blancophobic individuals may view Nikki as white and may see her as a threat. Despite both of them being an American, Indian-Americans, and may share same values and cultural heritage. This can be very confusing to individuals who prescribe race as nationality, culture, religion, language, and tribal identification.

My assessment is that during the historic racial classification in United States, prior to the one drop rule, colorphobia began, the fear of a particular skin color, especially when ethnic groups began to intermarry, inter-reproduce and their offspring easily assimilating into society. Oftentimes, in high political positions. Individuals who are colorphobic may not fear black skin, like my complexion, or white skin. It’s the “unknown” skin color; the browns, reds (stereotypically, derogatory, referred to Native Americans), yellow skin.  Historically, inside the United States a hierarchal ladder was given to separate the slave based on privilege. African ethnic group were separated (brown paper bag) and those who were lighter were given a false sense of privilege; including those who were classified as indentured servants who were most often Caucasians from various nationalities that isn’t English (Ireland, Scotland).  I’ve come across many individuals cling on to the fact indentured servants were indentured for several years; many were indentured for life for the most minor infractions. Many of them receive the same punishment for the infractions as the black counterpart (whipping, branding, etc., including the raping of the women). The privilege was false for they were slave with a fancy term.  A term to disassociate from the obvious mistreatment (indentured servants is to slave as enhance interrogation is to torture when it comes to water boarding). It’s similar to individuals who are verbally abuse would proclaim, “Well, at least my abuser doesn’t hit me.”

Colorphobia, again my assessment, is still prevalent in our society when Native Americans have the highest teen drug rate, sexual violence against women rate, dropout rate, and lack of resources. Native Americans contain to no media reporting. It’s not what is mostly talked about or represented in the media or what is rarely talked about or represented in the media. It’s what isn’t reported in the media period that frightens me.  For it builds the, ‘At least I’m…” when individuals outside of the black and white are being just as abused, if not worse…even neglected. This can bring about a form of contempt of being not even represented at all.

Within the African-American community, colorphobia isn’t the same as being racist. I’ve encountered many individuals who identify as black, proud to be black, and appear to have blancophobia. Nonetheless, they may display disdain for, shall I say, a darker shade of black. In contrast, individuals who are black, proud to be black, may have blancophobia but do have colorphobia against a lighter shade of black. Are they racist? Considering the fact they take no issues with being black or individuals who are clearly white; solely issues with lighter shade of black. They acknowledge the light shade skin is black but have contempt of. Within the African-American community one may refer to this as “self-hating.” Honestly, I’m placed off with the term for the individual may exhibit a profound love of themselves and others except for certain skin pigmentation. This is not only unique to African-Americans only. I’ve met Caucasians who holds similar colorphobia of anything too pale or anything too dark (the Italian derogatory slur Guinea comes to mind, towards dark-skin Italians). As I’m typing this, this brings me back to a bumper sticker my father has found it so offensive but hysterical. It stated, “My guy is blacker than your guy. Who’s the racist now?” This is in reference to the Obama vs. Cain debate where the climax of throwing ‘racist’ around is redundant. Before anyone starts deterring off topic and decides to send me a comment regarding Cain and Obama, my father is a Republican and I am a registered Democrat since the time of voting. However, I’ve become very politically independent as of late. Voting based on issues and policies vs. political party. Yes, I’ve voted Republican as my father has voted Democrat. We’re the moderates-Independents, the swing voters that party rhetoric doesn’t appeal to us.  Akin to how we get to know individuals vs. going about group labels.

Now, that’s out of the way. The bumper sticker brought me back to racism. The bumper sticker slogan brought my attention to colorphobia, taking issues with a particular skin color even though the individual within the skin color belong to the United States classification of race (of course it’s a tongue in cheek slogan making a mockery of the word racism being thrown so “liberally” as of late, in my father’s eyes). Both Cain and Obama are self-identified as black men (Yes, Obama is mix race. Yet, he has identified as an African-American, black American in his last census). The issue isn’t really about black but the particular shade of black for some individuals. For some, Cain skin color isn’t a threat or to be feared of. Obama’s is, and in reverse with Cain’s skin color is seen as threat but Obama’s is. American-Black Muslims may not be seen as a threat but Muslim with brown skin is (or an Arab). It’s colorism not racism that really needs to be discussed to really achieve human equality for all. Simply calling an individual a racist without specific is a non-defeating. For we’re not addressing the individual issue, along with societal. At times, the word “racist” is being thrown at individuals who simply have a logical reason to dislike or not agree with an individual.

Parallel to how a non-believer speaks about the “crazy Christians” to a Christian who believes in evolution, is pro-choice, and believes prayers should be left out of school. It’s the non-spoken understanding that the non-believer is not speaking about that type of Christians. I’ve received the same comments as a Pagan. Individuals bashing Pagans freely around me for I’m not perceived as that type of pagan (i.e.; wearing black, bunch of jewelry’s, etc. As a follower of ATR, I don’t wear all white or have my hair wrapped up and in braids).  So, it is with simply calling an individual and/or institution who may exhibit Negrophobia-Blancophobia (especially when it comes to perceive stereotype of culture, fashion, and slang that derives from the music subculture), Colorphobics, and Xenophobic (who may have issues with a specific nationality; the individual may have no issues with brown skin Honduran, just brown skin Mexicans) a racist. We must be more specific when we speak, in order to heal and grow. We must understand the individual through their experiences and not our own. Through their minds’ eyes vs. our own mind’s eye. To move more and more forward, we must move to be more and more articulately specific.

“As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: you liberate a city by destroying it. Words are to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests.”  -Gore Vidal


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  • Mike

    very nice assessment. thank you

    • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

      Thank you, Mike , for reading

  • Meia

    I really enjoyed this…thank you!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

      glad you enjoy,  thank you for reading, Meia

  • Anonymous

    It`s OK to be phobic about the genocide of white children:

     Africa for the Africans,Asia for the Asians,white countries for EVERYBODY!

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realise I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist.What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

      Greetings FredTT. I’ve been waiting for individuals like you to share with me your fears and your frustrations. You’re not alone for I’ve heard similar concerns from individuals/groups like you who believe the constructions of skin pigmentation is the scientific accurate to distinguish a group of people (minus genetics and congenital disorders like albinism). You have made several statements that are not about your fears of intermarrying. For instance the “third world” assimilations can be breaking down to classism. For I’ve known and read that individual families would take issues if their family member ever to marry an individual who isn’t socio-economically compatible to their family, regardless if that individual is of the same “race” So, if you’re a middle class man/woman who is white, who fell in love with a woman/man, white, who is a millionaire (keep in mind, who is white)… her family may still reject you. Look upon you similar to individuals who come from a third world nation. As you may be disdain with the intermarriage, someone with you skin pigmentation may agree with you on the intermarriage. Yet, they also may compound it by looking at you in disdain due to your economic position, even back to your birth (where you came from). 

      Is the displacement really necessary? The I’m in pain so instead of understanding where this pain and anguish stems from, I will project such pain onto others? I agree with you it is NOT ok to take issues with anyone period for superficial reasons such as skin pigmentation. I acknowledge this in my writings of individual dark skin pigmentation being contempt of lighter pigmentation. I would gladly admit to you that I’ve received similar to your words in reverse by individual black folks, as well. So, no–you’re feeling that the word racist is solely for white people. That is not to say there are individuals who are black and anti-white truly believe that there is no way a black person can be racist for that term is exclusively for white people… yet, I believe it’s one of those myths that keeps on being perpetuated… I’m sure there is an anti-black who is reading your message and agrees 100% with you that black folks can’t be racist… hey, at least these individuals agree with you on the anti-intermarrying and the black cannot be racist. I’ve even told individuals of a darker skin that white racist has a lot in common with them… why not get together and sing kumbaya? 

      Lastly, I agree with you regarding the history of slavery. Every country had not escaped the blemish of slavery. Slavery is as old as prostitution. Both practices are still going on today, as we are exchanging in dialogue. Do me a favor? Prior to rebuttal to me, research the history of the Africans slave masters and the Sicilian slaves. Research the history of the Japanese and Chinese slave history. Research the history of England and Ireland slavery (and colonization of Ireland http://www.udel.edu/udaily/2012/nov/books-in-brief-111811.html), Research the Arab slave trade. Tribal slave trade of the same skin hue. Slavery is a dark and perverse human history that is beyond skin pigmentation.  Once you do your research, you and I would be on equal intellectual footing for a FAIRER debate on this. Right now, it’s unfair for me to debate you on this. Although I totally understand where your fears come from and views… understanding it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accurate or rational.  For I know it’s hard for you to even fathom… if you trace back your ancestors since the beginning of what we know as the Human genus species… there is no doubt that our ancestors inter-breed with other tribes turn what you classify as race. Do you really believe that the skin pigmentation you have today has continued on since the beginning of the Human genus species? Really? Your ancestors never stepped on the continent we know as Africa or Asia? They only remained in one designated country without going outside their ethnic tribe until they landed on the current continent you’re in now? Interesting… Blessings and tremendous amount of love and light. 

  • Anonymous

    Does this philosophy get you more white women or what?  Its disgusting to see white women broken down by the US of Stockholm Syndrome educational gulag to fall for race mixing.  Its ugly. Its also about white genocide.  Its consistent with the anti-white agenda of AFRICA FOR AFRICANS, ASIA FOR ASIANS AND WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE.  Its about a future with fewer and fewer white people in it, maybe even extinction of the white race.

    A healthy white man will oppose white genocide.  In fact, a healthy man of any race will work to maintain the integrity of his race.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

      The Denisovans and Neanderthal may had similar thoughts as you (and those like you)… nonetheless, they live on through many of our DNA. They totally didn’t go extinct, just took on another form. Your thoughts are important to you and therefore I  will defend YOUR right to solely populate with your ink. However, you don’t have the right to come in the way of others who love beyond ‘race’ and will love a child despite of race. The only major concern I have is an extinction of all human and animal life on this planet due to climate change and other catastrophe that is man(woman) made (nuclear warfare). 
      I can say that when individuals speak of the extinction of Taino (Arawak) Native Indians of the former known Island Hispaniola don’t realize they’re not totally extinct, just their DNA takes on another form, I am that form. As I am sure there is another form your ancestors took that you’ve chosen to deny. My eldest child is in love with the Asian culture. So much so that she desires to move to either Japan, China, or India one day. I’m sure if she accomplish her goals of moving to countries that she will very much be a minority, she may intermarry… that doesn’t trouble me, as long as she is in love and the individual love and respect her. Deeper than that… the fact that my decedents may possible take on the form of Asian “characteristic” no longer my black features doesn’t bother me, either. I just hope that they are not ignorant, with all due respect to your fears, enough to believe that they were Asians since the beginning of time immemorial. That they never had a black ancestor or white one (my daughter is multicultural). 

      As I honor the ancestors that survived pass the Denisovans and Neanderthal, for their DNA lives on in many of us… I hope my decedents, who may take another form in what you define race, would honor the beauty of all. 

      You’re so enraged, Advancedthinking that you assume that I am a white woman . Tell me? What white woman rejected you? And why do all other woman must pay for the pain she caused you? It’s so obvious for rage can be blind. This segment is titled ‘Daughters of Eve: Women of Color Speak” Yet that still didn’t stop you to assume that I, the writer of this piece, must be a white woman. I’ve responded to comments on this piece with a photo (that clearly identify me as black) and yet you still assume that I must be a white woman. Out of all the obvious sign that the writer of the piece is a black woman—you’ve mentioned that I must be white… why is it? Where is that “white pride” for your “own kind”? Again, why do keep on referring to me as a white woman? I would truly like to know with all sincerity (not being patronizing)

      • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

        Oh, and your statement ‘Does this philosophy get you more white woman or what?” Are you assuming that I am a black man? Do you assume that I am a black woman who is a lesbian? Or do you assume that I care what skin color my audience is? I really like to know the answer… I like to see the world through your eyes and feel your emotions. I like to understand where did this “us vs. them” stem from when it comes to YOUR choice to adopt it. I don’t care about group consciousness… I like to know the individual conscious that makes that group “strong” 

        Lastly, why do you care if an unhealthy any man marries out? That’s no longer your problem. Worry about the healthy ones (ok, that was patronizing. I admit, haha)

        • http://twitter.com/AccidentalHindu T.A.H.

          :) — thanks for catching that,Jacquie Minerva Georges (the seeming assumption that you were male and black and out to secure white women for yourself with your dazzling rhetoric!). I was just about to ask that commenter what the underlying presumptions of that sentence were.

          Anyway: good article, good insights, and good on you for keeping your cool and staying classy with the provocation you’ve had in this exchange. Not sure I would have stayed so coolheaded, as such exchanges iritate me to no end. Quite inspring, really.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

            aw, thank you T.A.H. I believe talking things out does open mind. I doubt that AdvanceThinker will come away with anything from our dialogue. I hope she does, truly do. Especially the concept that not all black folks are anti-white nor do we believe it would be in our “self interest” I thank her/him for being cool headed with me for I know many individuals who share her sentiments will not hold a discussion with me, as well. Blessings!

      • Anonymous

        I assumed you were other than white. I say people are not free to choose because they have been subject to a re-education program, suppressing natural instincts from a young age. As a result, the social engineers can manipulate people and even destroy their racial identities through race mixing.
        Love is only love when people are free to choose without social controls and social programming.
        When I see blacks becoming less black, or whites becoming less white, etc. I don’t like it. A lot of people don’t like it but are afraid to speak up abut it.
        I like to see proud and bold people of all races, that means a great deal of racial integrity so a person can really know himself.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

          You’re right that a lot of people don’t like what you speak of. Just as much as a lot of people do like what you speak of. It’s the matter of choice and perception. You choose to focus on the dislike, while I choose to focus on the like. You look at me and see a black woman, a black race. Yet, I must tell you that my maternal great-grandfather is a white man. A woman as black as midnight has a white great-grandfather that she adores–So, where does the “becoming less and less black” stems from? Skin pigmentation? Nonetheless, I can tell you the culture and history of my direct ancestors (direct as my French, Gaelic, ancestors. My Haitian parents. My Fon ancestors of Benin. My Taino ancestors of pre-Columbus, and so on and so forth). So, where is this less black stems from? I can only speak of less black for that is the skin pigmentation that I genetically is blessed to me. As you’re genetically blessed with a certain pigmentation skin. That doesn’t mean anyone is superior (unless you permit them to make you feel inferior). 

          I know more about myself and humanness due to the fact that I acknowledge ALL my ancestors, even the ones unknown to me as yet… even the “extinct” Denisovans and Neanderthal.

          • Anonymous

            I actually expect non-whites to be anti-white. It serves their self-interest. You are what you are. Proud of it is good.

            I am about opposing the anti-white agenda of AFRICA FOR AFRICANS, ASIA FOR ASIANS AND WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE. Its about a future with fewer and fewer white people in it, maybe even extinction of the white race.

            The world is pretty big and room for all. For white people to survive they need their own habitats or their own white countries. Would you deny white people countries of their own?

          • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

            I can only speak of my self. I, like you, don’t like the anti-white, anti-black, anti-red, anti-brown, anti-purple, anti-rainbow and whatnot. I detest it. It could be because I know that my DNA contains all the colors of the rainbow and detesting colors is testing my ancestors–including myself.

            I wouldn’t deny individuals who prefer to live with like-minded individuals. Honestly, I’ve even  thrown that idea out. Why not make your own country of like- mindness and leave the “We love everyone’ alone. That includes, speaking of directly towards what you vision, if your race counterpart don’t desire to live in your country of preserving ones race… you must respect that. As I will respect you to form your own country. Does that makes sense? I’m assuming your white–I have no issues with you and those who share your vision of residing in a man-made island/country (for that is possible nowadays) to keep the white population going. Just be mindful that not all white folks want to come with you. You must respect them. Who one loves and procreates with has nothing to do with you–for your fears are YOURS not theirs. 

          • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

            Oh, I have a question for you… since you’re white. Do Hispanic white count or don’t count? This has been confusing to me. What do you mean by “white’? Do Armenian white count? 

          • Anonymous

            The term “Hispanic White” really is a form of defamation against white people.  What is really meant by the term is “Mestizo White” which is a conflict of terms.  When we think Hispanic we think of Mexicans mainly.
            Why would whites who are indigenous to Europe be subjected to a term that defines them based upon people from the Americas.
            Its a form of defamation or ridicule.  Maybe its meant to make fun of white people.
            As I understand it, black people have chosen the term black to refer to themselves.  If black people were to change the term used to refer to themselves, it would only be respectful for other races to use that new term.
            The census bureau and various anti-whites are militant in referring to white people as Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Whites.
            What is white, or black or yellow or….   There is a spectrum between the pure ideal.  At somewhere a long that spectrum a person becomes more of one than the other.  Where is the comfort zone of the ethnic group or race in identifying itself.  Profound question.  Take Tiger Woods for example.  I bet he thinks of himself as being more white than black or yellow although he has no white blood.  He married white, so at this point, his descendants are only part way to white. In a generation or two or three if they keep on the same course, his family will be white.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

            I actually don’t think of Mexicans, mainly (possibly due to the fact that my Haitian culture kicks in when the government doesn’t separate its people by skin tone. It’s either you’re born in Haiti or not). I’ve met Cubans who do check off the box of Hispanic White.  However, don’t understand the discrimination in America. Which you somewhat explain it to me–in America if you’re Hispanic SOME people still don’t see you as white even though you have characteristic of “white race” Despite the fact that many Cubans are descendants of the European Spaniards. Again, some Europeans don’t view citizens of Spain and Portugal as white. Heck, I just read an article title ‘Are Greeks European” http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/246127/20111109/greece-western-europe-turkey-culture-religion-germany.htm That is the link to the article. 

            To be honest with you, there was a recent study that less than 20% of the United States population that identify themselves as “pure white” really are “pure white” (per DNA testing and calculations). That means they don’t have 1 non-white ancestor out of 127 white ancestors. So, this “white race’ in the United States is really small. Not trying to be rude… but there is a possibility that you’re not one of them. Would you be able to handle that? Accept that? Would that affect you to find out that 1 out of 127 ancestors is not white? It’s higher among those who believe they’re “pure black” over 50% are not ‘pure black” So this anti–whatever race is simply illogical for me. 

          • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

            Sorry I have another question. I must thank you for being respectful and honest too. My question is why would it be in my best interest to be anti-white? Again, I am assuming that you’re white… you have done nothing to me. So why would I hold you accountable for other people’s discrimination towards me? Even history wise when all those men and women are dead. I don’t believe in Blood Feuds (individuals paying brutally of the ‘sins’ of their ancestors or family member). 

            Let’s say you’re anti-black. What have I done as a person towards you? Did I deny you a job directly? Have I personally did not give you a raise? Have I personally rejected your credit, housing application because of your skin? I have not. Nor have you ever been the individual who spit on me while calling out “Nigger” I’m at upset with that individual person.. not all white people nor do I believe all white people should pay for that individuals actions. So, again–how does me being anti-white be in my best interest… especially correlating it with you, as a person? 

          • Anonymous

            Defining a word or idea is sometimes hard. If two different groups of people go their own way and pursue their own self-interests, there is no anti anyone. If one group chooses to live off the labors or resources of another group, that group is anti- the other.
            Affirmative action and welfare generally is taken by some groups against another group.
            I expect non-whites to be anti-white because today the social programs take more from whites and give it to non-whites. Since that is a benefit to non-whites I expect them to want the social programs to continue as they are.
            My goal is the preservation of the white race while taking advantage of no other race.
            So I don’t say you are anti-white unless your conduct harms my race. What is actually more harmful are anti-white whites that promote the genocide of the white race.
            If you look up the YOUTUBE VIDEO of Muhammad Eli on race and family, you pretty well understand my view as a complimentary and mirror image of what he says.. Its brilliant.
            Each race has its own bad actors. Each race needs to clean up its own bad actors. When you mix the races I believe you need up getting more blame directed at the different races than the bad actors.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

            Ok. I must edify on the social programs such as cash assistance and food stamps. Recent census show that there are more white on food stamps than any other ethnic/racial group. When it comes to cash assistance (plus food stamps) they’re equal. So, it’s a myth that is perpetuated not only in the media but past assumptions. I’m speaking of the rate TODAY. Like I stated, the welfare queen stereotype use to be the white Appalachian poor farmers. There are many non-white groups who take issues with the welfare system, too. I take issues with the assumptions that black folks equal poor folks when 4 out of 5 blacks in America are middle class Americans, like myself. The unrepresented ‘class’ Similar to poor whites who live in places that look like a third world country (outdoor plumbing for an example) are not represented in our media for white = prosperity and black = poverty, it seems is the mantra of the media and individuals. 

            In this country there is affirmative actions for minorities (including white women) and there is the Legacy (college/university call it legacy applicants). Legacy is all about nepotism. If your family has a name or social status–that will guarantee some economic security for your children. Even favoritism. Similar to how my father is a university professor and being his daughter, my admission rate is lower. Due to legacy. 

            I understand your views for I have had black folks debate me on my views and what I am saying to you, doesn’t change with these individuals. Having multicultural children I’ve taught them that individuals from ALL/BOTH races will discriminate against them. Discrimination within and without the races. It’s tiring, quiet frankly. Recently I read an article regarding red-heads expressing their discrimination and they started a facebook page regarding discrimination against red-heads. Likewise, within the black community the discrimination against light skin and dark skin blacks. Preserving ones skin color will not halt discrimination. Individuals will find a way to hurt you or discriminate upon you and you must find away to be the eye of the hurricane when the world around you is in chaos.  It will not end by individuals solely focus on race. Similar to how some individuals in Northern Italy take issues with individuals in Southern Italy. For Northern Italy are often times light skin white (some blonde hair) and Northern is dark skin white. In China the people on the mountains are much taller than the people inland… there is discrimination there for years and years… still it’s not fix. We can take the history of Rwanda of blacks killing blacks (ethnic group of blacks vs. another). You make it sound so easy… it’s not. Muhammad Ali desires it to be that easy… but I’m sure he knows its not that simple deep down. For I know this coming from a predominately black country and seeing a different kind of discrimination. Likewise, with individuals who come from Italy, Ireland, Russia, and what Americans see as more white countries. 

            Ok, back to the genocide. I have friends who do feel like you do. They would not date or marry an individual that isn’t their race. However, they respect who I love. It’s just their personal preference vs. seeing that everyone should live up to their expectations. I do have issues with that, I admit. Trying to stop individuals from following their heart or preference. I do agree that I’m not into the ‘everyone should intermarry” for it becomes fetishizing vs. loving the individual for who they are. As I am not into “everyone should intra-marry” either. One should marry who they love and find compatible with… who they chose to marry, regardless what society thinks for society isn’t living your life…  Saying ‘I love you because you’re black” is insulting for I am more than my race. Likewise, saying ‘I love you because your white” is shallow. If I was white I would say to you, “Do you love me for me? Or do you love me for keeping the white race alive? Which is it? Love for another or love for an agenda? 

            I guess no matter how you try to explain it… I could never adopt it… for it will limit me. Nonetheless, if you’re happy with it, happy with being limited to your own race… so shall it be. As long as you’re happy, you have my loyalty. As Mohammad Ali has mine. 

          • Anonymous

            There are probably more poor white people in the USA than there are black people in the USA, after all it is a white country. Bringing in poor people from other countries is not good for any of the poor in the USA.
            I find it hard to believe that 4 out of 5 black people are middle class because 4 out of 5 white people are not middle class.
            We know that the bulk of the taxes are paid by white people, so non-whites are getting more from whites than the other way around.
            The USA is a Stockholm Syndrome nation. At a young age children are broken down and their natural instincts are suppressed. Then they are re-educated as to what is right and good and in the interest of the powers that be. Mixing of the races is part of that agenda. Freedom of course is good if people are truly free and not just parroting values and ideas that are not their own.
            Following a free heart is entirely different than following a re-educated heart.
            Building up a race of people I believe is a noble effort regardless of the race but I am white. I want to build up my own.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

            When I stated 4 out of 5 blacks are Middle class that doesn’t mean that 1 is automatically thrown in poor zone or the rich… just 4 out of 5 are middle class. Just like If I had a room with white people and state 4 out of 5 are middle class (a room of 20). 1 is in poverty and the other is of wealth. 

            Oh, I also must edify you that when it comes to wage disparities in the United States, it’s Asians who make more on the dollar, regardless of gender, than any other ethnic group. Yes, including they make more money than stereotypical white man. What is funny, they’re the second largest ethnic group of people–the silent group. The unrepresented in the media for the media is typically white, black, and Latino… while everyone else there is crickets sound. So, really–Asians are paying more in taxes since they’re the highest wage earners compared to non-Asians.  In addition, add the debit to China that also goes into paying for social welfare programs. 

            You speak of freedom and children being re-educated. Have you ever watched toddlers play? A white toddler, black toddler, Asian, Native American, and what have you toddler simply play together like nothing in the world is different? Or they know the difference but simply don’t care? That is freedom. You’re right–we do reprogram our children… that I believe and will agree with you 100%

  • http://klgaffney.livejournal.com/ K. L. Gaffney

    Another great post, and in addition, I admire your response to some of the angry/frightened/deceived commentators here.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

      Thank you, K.L! They’re are responding to the fact that I’ve pointed out their fears. Which I’m humbled by their admission

  • http://hellenicpolytheist.wordpress.com/ Pythia Theocritos

    I’ve read this article 2 or 3 times and always think “I’ll comment later” but I really have nothing to add. You tackled a very sensitive subject with decorum and logic. You’ve certainly given me a lot to think about it when it comes to these kinds of issues.

    I look forward to reading more of your writing in the near *hint hint* future.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jacquiemg Jacquie Minerva Georges

      Thank you, Pythia… hopefully I don’t go through my spell of mental blockage (I’ve been experiencing this as of late). Look forward to reading more of your writings, as well! Enjoy the holiday, blessings!