Just because Obama is President…

Just because Obama is President….doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t exist. Just in case there was any confusion behind the concept that we live in a racially motivated society that has a systematic form of racism that has operated for years in the institutions of this country. It appears to be the non-minority’s answer to societal problems, the fact that we have a Black president… must mean everyone has to stop worrying about whether or not we live in a racist society. Um, wrong…. one position does not eradicate racism and further more, look at the types of comments, plans and even political strategies that have come into focus during his office. I am not talking politics people, I am talking about his race being an automatic deterrent for working together, acceptance and support that would benefit the American people.

These sorts of covert prejudices are celebrated on days like Thanksgiving and other Americanized holidays that celebrate power over other races, violence, hostile takeover and even stereotypical rhetoric. Indians wear feathers, Black people sag their pants, and White people wear professional business suits; except for Obama of course. So in response to the ongoing ignorance of many people in society that feel that Americans are now color blind because Obama is in office, I say I solute you for carrying on the same crap message that America has attempted to betray for hundreds of years. You know that image, that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. The one that says that we are a hard working society where dreams are possible for all people alike; all men are created equal. It is the same mask we wear when we occupy other nations and help them “fix” whats wrong while we have our own people starving, undereducated, homeless, without medical coverage, unemployed, struggling and poverty stricken. Or while we have the little people doing the back breaking work while the real paychecks go to the man sitting in an office behind a desk, planning where he will drive his new jag for lunch. Sounds like slavery to me.


So in response to the incredible amounts of racism, classism, sexism, ageism and prejudices that we love to celebrate, I am imagining I should put on a witch hat tomorrow with a feather in it, sag my pants while eating a turkey leg; with a sign that says “I am an American”. Stay tuned, pictures coming.



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