Putting Yourself Out There


I am very excited to now be a regular contributor to the Daughters of Eve blog! This experience coincides with my agreement with my Divine Mamas that it was time to take the leap and formally begin doing my work in the world. It has been very easy in these last years to go from class to class, studying this modality and that modality, constantly gathering information but never really looking at what I planned to do with it. Gradually, as I have watched inspiring, talented (and terrified as hell) women around me make the leap into doing work that they love in the world, I have also been making my way toward the cliff for my own courageous leap.

Sisters give you courage to do anything you desire but it’s still up to you to do it for yourself. Realizing that is what made me finally accept that I could conceivably spend the rest of my life hiding in groups of amazing and inspiring people, convincing myself that I wasn’t stagnating, I was “getting ready”.

I’ve finally accepted, with a kind of insane glee, that I will not ever really be”ready”. I’ll be “ready” to own a business once my business is successful and profitable. I’ll be “ready” to be a writer once I’ve published my third book. I’ll be “ready” to be a healer after I’ve booked my 500th client. Because really what it is is that I don’t want to be afraid. I don’t want to feel scared and vulnerable as I begin to offer myself and the soul of my work to the world. But that is exactly what we all have to do. Feel the fear and do it anyway, knowing that we are going to make mistakes and others will see it and it’s going to be really uncomfortable because it’s something that we care about very deeply.

Taking classes gives us information, doing the work is how we develop true wisdom. And that is what makes us most effective as healers and teachers and compassionate, loving guides for others who are seeking their own brightness in the madness of the world we are living in. Every time I want to back track, or continue hiding in classes, I am reminding myself of something I heard someone say about what a loss it is to the world when we do not show up.

And so, today, October 15th, 2012 (the new moon, how fitting!). I formally take the leap before the world. My name is Nadirah Adeye. I am a writer, a doula, and a pleasure coach and guide. My business is called Sacred Sensual Living, and I offer classes on sacred and embodied sensuality. I am birthing my offerings to the world, birthing myself, and doing my part to co-create a glorious new world through that work.  I give honor to my Divine Mamas and Sacred Aunties: Isis, Hathor/Sekhmet, Oshun, Yemaya, and Aphrodite, and through this writing I offer gratitude to them for the wisdom and guidance they have offered thus far.

And so it is!

In the comments below, please share who you are and the sacred work that you are called to do in the world. Feel free to write it as a spell, type your answers before a candle and invoke the Deities who inform your work.

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  • Bliss Bonanza

    How awesome to be able to leave the first comment on this wonderful post! Congratulations on the new business Sacred Sensual Living. Does it have a web site? … Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is a great book by Susan J. Jeffers. Get your copy here:  http://www.amazon.com/Feel-Fear-Do-Anyway/dp/0345487427/ 
    Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway
    Let me know when you would like an audiograph or videograph of your next presentation to make media clips for the masses! (Diego@BlissBonanza.com)

  • http://www.facebook.com/RevCrystal.Blanton Crystal Blanton

    I am so happy to see you walk into your own light.  You are incredible and I am so honored to walk among you in this road to personal and community divine understanding.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nadirah.adeye Nadirah Adeye

      Thank you, Crystal. The feeling is definitely mutual. I really appreciate you and the way you hold power and invite others into their own.

  • http://www.nemetona.se/ Elin Hejll Guest

    What an inspiration you are! I have had (and have) similar thoughts… I can´t start doing my work yet, I am not ready, I can´t do it! But I too have started! I have a Goddess Temple in Stockholm Sweden, which does not have permanent space, but one that I set up each time I open it. I have had two Temple weekends with ceremony, talks, sharing and dancing and last Sunday I led a meditation and healing circle. I have another Priestess friend who is coming to do a workshop in November and then I am holding another Moon meditation and healing circle in December! Yes! I am doing it!! And reading your blog just made me so happy. It made me feel that I too, am doing the right thing., Feeling a bit of fear, but doing it anyway! Blessings on your path! Elin

  • Rebecca Lynn

    Congratulations! I am finishing my final year of college and find myself fearful of the unknown at the end of this part of my journey. Reading your message has lifted my spirit and made me realize that I will always back a student but it’s almost time to share myself and what I’ve learned with others. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear.

  • Liona Rowan

    This is amazing and wonderful!  THIS is why I miss you so. THIS is why I feel so inspired and recharged to do MY work.   I am honored to call you friend and to have you call me friend.  

  • Meia

    Wonderful!!!  I am proud of you!  My work is singing…healing singing.  My talent, my gift to people.  I am just beginning to step out with it, this past year actually and I am terrified, but doing it anyway!  I’ve sung all my life, I’ve sung professionally for 18 years and now I am singing in a way I never imagined.  It was there all the time, in every piece I performed but I didn’t understand what it was.  How my voice moves people…not the music, but the voice itself…the quality, the soul.  I found improvisation and I am developing something very different.  Scaaarred!  Yes, but I move forward with the Goddess and my ancestors.