Trance into the Earth

I love meditation and trance work. I received this while in meditation with Isis and I’ve been feeling simultaneously grounded and elevated each time I do it. You are welcome to try this as you sit and read it now; you can have someone else read it for you; you can record it and try it on your own, or do something else that works best for you.

Please feel free to send me feedback about your experience. Enjoy.

Take a moment to focus on your breath, allow it to come into a relaxed and comfortable rhythm. Slowly and gently begin to let your awareness land on the muscles of your body, softening them one by one. The muscles around your eyes and jaw, letting your mouth open slightly. Move your attention down your neck and shoulders and continuing moving down your body. Notice which muscles soften as soon as you think of them and which ones remain somewhat tight. You do not need to do anything about this but notice and breathe.

As your awareness reaches your feet, feel your grounding cord descend down through your body and through the floor below you. Send your cord down into the Earth, through cement and dirt, rocks and soil until it reaches a place where you feel suitably deep and comfortably anchored.

Let your cord remain anchored in the Earth and bring your awareness back up through the layers of dirt and concrete, through the floor, up through your body- feet, legs, torso, arms, neck and up into your skull. Breathe gently, inhaling and exhaling.

Bring to mind your awareness of your relationship with the Divine, the vibrational tones of your 6th and 7th chakras, and the energy of Spirit, however you feel it. Let this feeling swirl around in the chalice of your skull for a moment and then envision “pouring” that energy down into your torso. Breathe.

Consider your personality, your relationship with the outside world, and the vibrational tones of your 3rd, 4th and 5th chakras. Feel and see that energy clearly in the cauldron of your torso and then visualize mixing it with the energy from your skull. Let them swirl together until they are well mixed and then envision pouring the blend down into the cradle of your pelvis. Breathe.

Feel the energies of your primal self, your raw, wild self and the vibrational tones of your 1st and 2nd chakras. Feel and see that energy clearly in the cradle of your pelvis and then envision mixing it with the energies you have poured in from your skull and torso. Allow them all to mix and swirl and dance together in the cradle/cauldron of your pelvis. This is the elixir of you, your own unique personal essence. Once you are ready and well blended, pour yourself out, flowing down through the floor, following your grounding cord down into the Earth down through rocks and dirt and sediment until you are settled, anchored in the Earth. Breathe.

From this place, visualize a light web that reaches out from you, around the world, connecting you with people who are like-minded, like-hearted, and like-spirited. The web first touches people that you know personally, in your community (or communities), then it spreads out to reach people that they know, out to people who have similar faiths and philosophies as you, people who have related or harmonious vibrations, out to encompass people who look, seem, sound and even feel extremely different from you, touching hundreds and thousands and millions of people who may not ever know you but who are connected to you via this web of light. Breathe deeply and slowly, feeling yourself surrounded by the grounded embrace of the Earth, connected by threads of light to the planet and other beings walking and living on and within Her.

Now notice, that as you have sent your web and awareness out around the world, so have others and see the interconnected energies of this brightness and awareness coming back toward you in the form of another web. It can be the same coloring as yours or another color. As it stretches over and past you, begin to rise back up through the Earth, back up through your body, realigning yourself through your chakras, through the cradle of your pelvis, the cauldron of your torso and the chalice of your skull. As you continue to breathe, see this web rising up over your head and stretching upward, into the sky. Raise your head, inhaling deeply and, finally, see energy from that web begin to rain back down onto you and onto the Earth.

As you recenter yourself, hold this awareness: The ground we walk upon is the body of the Great Mother. The air we breathe is Her breath, a psychic soup thick with the exhalations and energies of the ancestors who walked before us. Thousands of years after our own deaths, those who walk the Earth will breath molecules we have exhaled, connected to the Earth by energetic threads of light.

 Blessed Halloween/Samhain. May your celebrations be rich and deep and your blessings in the coming year be plentiful as the atoms on the Earth.

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